Access and Submission Conditions
  • 07 Apr 2024
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Access and Submission Conditions

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Article Summary

When creating a form, event, or interview; it might be necessary to restrict who is eligible to either open the form or submit a response. In each of these cases we will want to display a message to the respondent explaining why their action was rejected.  The form builder supports this functionality via an "edit conditions" interface accessed through the "edit form" page.

The edit conditions interface is split into two sections:

  • Access Conditions - This section is only available if the respondent will be known prior to the form loading; for example, when the form is either application scoped, or person scoped and flagged for "require login" via the edit properties interface. 

  • Submission Conditions - This section is available for all scopes except "application page".

Within each of these sections the interface provides two configuration options.

  • The first allows for customization of the message to be displayed when said action is denied. 

  • The second is to identify the population permitted to perform said action by using filters.


When setting the message and filters, please be aware of the following:

  • Merge fields are not currently supported within the messaging.
    The filters available for use are contextually aware of the form's scope; i.e., no application-scoped filters in a person-scoped form.

  • Application and person-scoped filters used in Submission Conditions are evaluated inclusive of the data on the form. If the data entered via the form will update a system field in such a way that the filter criteria is met, then submission will be permitted.

  • For both access and submit conditions, the message is written for people that CANNOT access/submit the form, while the filters are written to define those that CAN; i.e., the message is shown when the registrant does NOT meet the filter criteria.


In the case where an application-scoped form should only be accessible if the associated application has been submitted, the configuration might look like something like this:


In the event of the application not being submitted, attempting to access the form will result in the following error message:

You have not submitted your application. This form is only available for those who

have submitted their application. Please submit your application and try again.

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