Add Deposit Pending Decision
  • 02 Apr 2024
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Add Deposit Pending Decision

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🔔 Important!
  • Be sure to finalize an Admission Reply Form before moving on to post-decision rules.

  • If a change must be made to the form after your rules were built, be sure to re-test all rules based on that form because changes to the form may break existing rules.

The acceptance of an offer of admission by an applicant triggers the automatic creation of a new decision code. This new decision code is added to the application tab of the person record, providing a clear and easily accessible history of the applicant's status. The addition of the new decision code simplifies the process of identifying applicants who have yet to complete the admission Reply Form and matriculating students who have yet to pay the enrollment deposit. This information is critical for admission teams, as it enables them to efficiently manage and track the progress of each applicant, ensuring that all necessary steps are completed in a timely and organized manner.

Admitted applicants must provide a response to your offer of admission on your reply form:

Do you accept the offer of admission?

  • I ACCEPT my offer of admission

  • I DECLINE my offer of admission

Don't Take Deposits?

If your institution does not need to collect a deposit, you may decide to write this rule to add a final decision code (e.g., Admit/Matric) when an applicant accepts your offer of admission.

The Deposit Pending Decision Rule will automatically add a new decision code to the application tab of the person record:


Add a Deposit Pending Decision

If an applicant accepts your offer of admission, this rule adds the Deposit Pending decision to the application tab of the person record.

  1. Click Forms in the top navigation bar.

  2. Select the Reply to Offer of Admission Form.

  3. Click Edit Form.

  4. Click Edit Rules.

  5. Click New Rule.

  6. Enter the following Rule configurations in the popup window:

    • Name - Add Deposit Pending Decision

    • Type - Select Decision

    • Exclusivity Group - Create a "Decision Reply" Exclusivity Group for this rule.

    • Non-Deterministic - Select 'Rule is deterministic and has an exclusive priority'.

    • Priority - Set the Priority to 1.

    • Status - Set the status to 'Preview'.

Configure the appropriate filters:

  • Unmapped Required Form Field - Find the filter for the required question from your reply form and filter for ACCEPT responses.

Decision_Reply IN I ACCEPT my offer of admission

Configure the appropriate action:

  • Add Decision - This selection will only have decisions with prerequisites.

  • Letter - Set a letter if one exists. We do not recommend creating a letter for the Deposit Pending decision. If you do not have a letter, select the Default for Decision option.

  • Action - Select Confirm + Release.

Don’t See a Decision?

Remember that some decisions need to be configured with a prerequisite decision. For example, the Deposit Pending decision should only be an available decision for applicants with an Admit code that was previously added.

If Deposit Pending is not an option when configuring your rule action, you probably need to revisit the prerequisite settings for that decision code in Database > Decision Codes.

What About Waitlist?

You will need to make a separate rule to add your Waitlist Reply form for applicants with a confirmed Waitlist decision.

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