Adding Language Prompts
  • 07 Apr 2024
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Adding Language Prompts

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Article Summary

A prompt list for 'language' can be added to Slate, which can then be used system-wide with any number of custom fields. Adding this prompt list is also necessary when enabling the 'Native Language' question in the Biographical Information section of a Slate application. This prompt list can also simplify exporting language data from Slate standard application fields (e.g. school language of instruction).


🔔 Important!

This set of instructions applies to adding language prompts for the first time. The Index values for all language prompts must be unique.

Prompts can also be managed individually with the Prompts option via the Database page.

  1. Navigate to Database in the top navigation and select Standard Query Library.

  2. Open and download the Code Table – Languages list as an Excel spreadsheet.

  3. Download the 'Prompt Dataset Template.xslx' file attached at the end of this article. Open the Excel file for editing.

  4. The ID column in the prompt template spreadsheet should remain blank.

  5. Update the Key column in the prompt template spreadsheet to "language" on each row.

  6. Copy the Name column data from the downloaded Languages list to the Value column of the prompt template spreadsheet.

  7. Update each row under the Active column to "1" for all active language prompts (and 0 for inactive prompts).

  8. Copy the ID column data from the Languages list to the Index column of the prompt template spreadsheet.

  9. All other column values on the template spreadsheet are optional. 

  10. Additional rows for more languages may also be added in the spreadsheet if desired. The Index values must be unique.

  11. In Slate, navigate to Database in the top navigation and click Source Format Library.

  12. Search for “Prompt Import,” and click Add and then Save. Activate the Prompt Import (Excel) format.

  13. Upload modified Prompt Dataset Template file using the newly configured Prompt Import (Excel) format.

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