Adding Provisional Decisions
  • 01 Apr 2024
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Adding Provisional Decisions

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Article Summary

The first step in releasing decisions is to add a provisional decision to a record. A provisional decision is a decision that is not yet final and may still need to receive further approval (that is, a decision that needs approval from a dean or a committee).

There are two methods for adding a provisional decision to a record:

  • Manually on an individual person record

  • In batch using the decision management export option in the query builder

Manually Adding a Provisional Decision

  1. Go to the appropriate person record.

  2. Select the application tab that needs a provisional decision.

  3. Scroll to the decisions table and select New Decision.

  4. Manually add provisional decision information to the decision dialog box:

    • Code: Select the decision code that needs to be added as a provisional decision.

    • Reason: If using decision reasons, add that information for the provisional decision.

  5. Select Save. The decision is added to the decisions table on the person record.

Each decision row has a decision bar icon. Each new decision stage receives different colored bars.

Decision Stages

Not yet confirmed (provisional):




Tip: Use batch management

Avoid the tedium of manually adding provisional decisions to all records by using the Query builder to isolate records. Then, using decision batch management to assign a provisional decision to many records at one time.

Batch Adding a Provisional Decision

  1. Select Queries / Reports on the top navigation bar.

  2. Select Quick Query and set the following configurations:.

    • Type: Configurable Joins

    • Category: Records

    • Base: Application

  3. Select Build Query.

  4. Add any relevant Exports and use Filters to isolate the records that need a provisional decision added.

  5. Select Run Query.

  6. From the Output list, under Batch Management, select Decision.

  7. Select Export. The Decision Management dialog box appears. This screen shows decision assignment options as well as records included in the query results:

    • Code: Select the decision code to be provisionally added to these records.

    • Reason: If using decision reasons, add that information.

    • Letter: Do not assign a letter at this time.

    • Status: Leave this option unselected at this time.

    • Update Selected / Update All: Choose to update selected records or all records. After making selections, use the buttons to make updates.

    • Decision Management: Applicant: Selecting Decision Management: Applicant selects every record row displayed. Alternatively, select and clear individual records by selecting the box next to the record name.

  8. Select Update. This adds the provisional decision to all records selected. The decision management screen updates accordingly.

  Best Practices

While users can select and deselect records in the decision management view, using a query to filter for the precise population is easier and reduces the potential for error.

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