Address Settings
  • 27 Nov 2023
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Address Settings

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Article Summary

New Address



Address Type

Select the type of address to be added (Mailing or Permanent). A mailing priority may also be designated (High, Normal, Low, or Inactive).

Address Block

Enter the Country, Street Address, City, State, and Postal Code.

Preserve Formatting

All addresses are sent to the USPS for validation and standardization. Check this box to prevent the address from being updated. This is generally useful for addresses where the USPS abbreviates a city name, or if a building name or room number information should be included


If a mailing address is seasonal or temporary, select one of the options to enter dates that the address is valid.

Address is temporary: 

  • Valid From optional - Enter the starting date (month, day, year) for when the address is valid. 

  • Valid Until optional - Enter the concluding date (month, day year) before the address is no longer valid. 

Address is seasonal and annually recurring:

  • Valid From - Enter the starting date (month, day) for when the address is valid. 

  • Valid Until - Enter the concluding date (month, day) before the address is no longer valid.


This field stores custom notes related to this address.

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