Advancement Implementation Checklist
  • 29 Nov 2023
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Advancement Implementation Checklist

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Article Summary

The following checklist outlines a broad path for advancement and alumni offices moving toward full implementation. This list is intended as a general guide, and the exact parameters and project path an institution follows will be determined primarily by its own business needs.

The elements of this project checklist are ordered and include recommended action items to be completed in each concept area.

Datasets and Relationships

Core Person data imported

Core Companies / Foundations data imported

Core Funds data imported

Custom Relationship Types are created

Relationships imported and linked

Record Architecture

Slate Standard Fields are customized (address_type, prefix, etc.)

Custom Fields and Prompts are created

Slate Standard Gift Prompts are customized (gift_type, gift_status, etc.)

Entities are created

Custom Tabs are created and added to records

Custom Interaction Codes are created

Supplemental Historical Data Imports

Secondary record details (custom fields)



Interests / Activities

Entity data

Historical Interactions

Historical Events

Gift and Material Historical Data Imports

Planned Gifts

Pledged Gifts

Received Gifts

Soft Credits

Opportunities / Proposals

Materials Imported

Slate Payments Configuration

Deposit Account Setup

Donation Payment Account

Basic Forms

Online Giving Form

Contact Report Form

Internal Gift Processing Form

Form Communication in place

Critical Automations

Head of Household


Donor Status (Current Donor, LYBUNT, SYBUNT, etc.)

Giving Levels and Constituency Groups

Reporting and Querying

Basic annual reports created

Active leveraging of the Fiscal Year data type

Fundamental understanding of querying on configurable join bases

Process established to provide gift and payment details to finance/business offices

Events and Scheduler

Successfully host an event / scheduler meeting

Event communication established


Deliver templates with institutional branding created

Plan in place for Thank You and Receipt letters

Year End receipting process in place


For shared admissions / advancement databases, a population-based plan to control record access


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