Advisor/Coach Assignment Exclusion Rule
  • 21 Nov 2023
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Advisor/Coach Assignment Exclusion Rule

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Article Summary

Exclusion Rules are used to lock an advisor to a particular record and override all other assignment rules. This is also used to retain the assignments made during previous terms after the student may have changed their major; if your institution maintains the advisor assignment based upon the student's original major. If you wish to allow for a new advisor to be assigned after a major is changed, then you can skip this step.

  • Exclusion Rule - Advisor Assigned Lock

Advisor Assigned Lock

Create a Advisor Assigned Locked Field

Be sure to create a Advisor Assigned Locked field.

  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Fields.

  2. Click New Field.

  3. Enter the following configurations in the popup window:

    • Status- Set the status to Active

    • Scope - Set the scope to Person

    • ID -Set the ID to advisor_locked

    • Name - Name the field Advisor Assigned Locked

    • Prompt - Important: The Prompt must be bit

    • Value - Set the Value to Store Value (bit/language/state/country/user prompts and text fields only)

    • Multiple - Set this to Single Value

When complete, refresh your fields using the link provided at the top of the Fields tool. This will allow Slate to create the necessary filters and exports for any new field you create.

Both the Advisor Assigned field, as well as the Advisor Assigned Locked field should be added to a Custom Tab on the Student Record. A advisor assignment can be set for a record and locked from student record view. 


Create your Exclusions rule, make sure it belongs to the Advisor Assignment exclusivity group, give it a priority of 1, and add the Advisor Assigned Locked filter:

  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Rules.

  2. Click New Rule.

  3. Enter the following configurations in the popup window:

    • Name - Advisor Assignment - Locked (Do Nothing)

    • Base - Configurable Joins - Person

    • Type - Field

    • Folder - Advisor Assignments

    • Status - Preview

Configure the appropriate filters:

  • Staff Assigned Locked - Select IN Yes

Configure the appropriate action:

  • No Action Rule - Any record that has Advisor Assigned Locked set to Yes will match, and no action will be taken on the record. Those records will no longer be eligible for matching when Slate runs the remaining advisor assignment rules. 
    Check Do nothing and skip processing of other lower-priority rules in this Exclusivity Group when filter criteria are met

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