AP Score Data File
  • 28 Nov 2023
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AP Score Data File

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Article summary

Updates have been published for the existing AP Score Data File source formats (Fixed Width 2015 and PGP 2015) to accommodate the July 1 update for the AP score file layout.  

Additionally, AP Research has been added to the Slate Template Library as a new test type.

To prepare for the new file layout:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Slate Template Library.

  2. Add the new AP Research test type.

  3. Go to the Format Definition for the AP Score Data File source format (either Fixed Width 2015 or PGP 2015, depending on the the type of file you receive):

    • On the Value Mappings page, use the Append Values button to add the value Research to each of the Exam Code fields (mapped to Test: AP - Subtype). Then use the Guess Below link, which will map this new value to the new AP Research test type. You will need to do this for all 30 exam codes.

    • Add mappings for the new race/ethnicity fields. The existing Ethnic Group field is being deprecated and replaced with the fields listed below.  Note: It is recommended that you keep the current mappings for Ethnic Group in case you will need to upload a file that you received prior to the July 1 file change. The new files will not contain any data in that location of the file, so new files will not be affected by this remaining mapped.

      • Race/Ethnicity - Cuban

      • Race/Ethnicity - Mexican

      • Race/Ethnicity - Puerto Rican

      • Race/Ethnicity - Other Hispanic or Latino

      • Race/Ethnicity - Non-Hispanic or Latino

      • Race/Ethnicity - American Indian or Alaska Native

      • Race/Ethnicity - Asian

      • Race/Ethnicity - Black or African American

      • Race/Ethnicity - Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

      • Race/Ethnicity - White

      • Race/Ethnicity - Other

    All of the fields above will have the value Y (if the student indicated this race/ethnicity) or will be blank. If you will be mapping any of these fields, use the Append Values button to append the value Y so that you can pre-map these values.

    • Derived Federal Race/Ethnicity

    This field will have the values listed in the crosswalk:

    • No Response

    • American Indian/Alaska Native

    • Asian

    • Black/African American

    • Hispanic/Latino

    • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

    • White

    • Other

    • Two or more races, non-Hispanic

    If you will be mapping this field, use the Append Values button so that you can pre-map these values.

    • If you are mapping Award Type [1 -6], there are two new values that can be in these fields, so append these values so that you can pre-map them:

      • AP Capstone Diploma

      • AP Seminar and Research Certificate

*If you do not see these fields in the Format Definition, you can update the "Remap As Of Date" setting for the AP Score Data File to the current date - this will force update the source fields that you see.*

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