Application Period Settings
  • 13 Mar 2024
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Application Period Settings

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Set the status to ‘ Active’ when it is time for the period to receive applications. In general, all future and prior periods should be set to ‘ Inactive.’


Keep your records organized by putting them in a folder. Select   Other   to create a new folder.


This required field is the year to which applicants will apply. For example, the period year 2022 may include the enrollment terms Fall 2022 and Spring 2023.


The period name is a student-facing value in the Slate-hosted application. The best practice recommendation is to name the period after the application (i.e., “Slate University Application”).

Period Key

Period keys use-cases are minimal and are primarily used to delineate between multiple active applications. It is best practice to only have one active application period at a time.

Period Path

Use-cases for this are even less likely that Period Key. This setting can be used to override certain shared application files for a particular period.

Export Value

Configure an export value for the application period. This is typically a short value or code that is used by external systems (such as an SIS) upon the consumption of application data from Slate.

Allow Multiple

This setting is applicable only to Slate-hosted applications.  Selecting 'Allow multiple applications' allows an applicant to submit more than one application in this particular Period. 

Note: This setting must be set to 'Allow multiple applications' if applicants are to submit multiple applications within the same Round. 

Application / Status Page

This setting will enable or disable the application status page for applications associated with this period.  Disabling this setting will also disable any Slate-hosted applications associated with the period.

Custom Status Portal

If a custom portal was built using the Portal Editor tool, set the custom portal here to override the standard Slate application status portal.

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