Assigning Decision Letters
  • 02 Apr 2024
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Assigning Decision Letters

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Use the Assign Letters module to assign a decision letter to records that have confirmed decisions. 

To navigate to the Assign Letters stage of the Release Decisions tool:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar

  2. Select Release Decisions, which brings you to the Overview stage.

  3. From the right-hand navigation, select Assign Letters


This stage displays decisions that: have been confirmed; have not been assigned a specific decision letter; do not have a decision letter PDF attached; and for which a decision letter for their specific decision code exists. If you want to release a decision without assigning a letter, skip ahead to the Release stage: confirmed decisions are visible there, too.

Create custom, user-specific views for the Assign Letters stage to filter results and add custom exports. If you're looking for a particular decision within a given view, use the Search bar to find it.

Letters can be assigned in batch or individually.

To assign letters: 

  1. Select from the list the decisions you want to manage:

    • Select one decision at a time with Control-Click (Command-Click on a Mac).

    • Select a sequence of decisions at once by using Control-Click on the first decision and Control-Shift-Click (Command-Shift-Click on a Mac) on the last.

    • Choose the Select All icon at the upper left if you want to manage all decisions at once.

    The Assign Letters icon appears.


  2. Select Assign Letters. The Assign Letters dialog box appears, displaying a sample population of up to the top five records for each decision code (the following example shows one record each of decision codes Admit, Defer, and Deny.


    Click into the sample records to view more details about their decision.


  3. From the lists, select letters to assign each population. You can assign letters for more than one decision code at once.


    These menus display only the decision letters that are associated with the group’s confirmed decision (that is, only letters associated with the Admit decision appear for a group with confirmed Admit decisions).

  4. Select Assign, then click OK in the pop-up to assign letters to the selected decisions. These decisions are now removed from the Assign Letters stage and are available to release.

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