Capturing Source Format Metadata
  • 17 Nov 2023
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Capturing Source Format Metadata

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Article Summary

The Source Metadata scope within Forms allows for the association of a form with a source format. This form can collect information related and/or not related to the source format. This type of form is useful when determining ROI for name buys, tracking costs of search lists, etc. 

Create Source Scoped Fields

To create source-specific fields, go to the Fields section of the Database tool and insert a new field (or fields) with the scope of "Source."

Create Source Metadata Scoped Forms

To create a Source Metadata scoped form:

  1. Select Forms on the top navigation bar.

  2. Select New Form.

  3. Give the form a name and set the status as Active/Confirmed.

  4. Remove all fields from the form.

  5. Select Edit Properties and modify the scope to Source Metadata; fields can now be added to the form and mapped to the newly created Source-scoped fields.

Associate the Form with a Source Format

To associate a Source Metadata scoped form with a source format:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Source Formats.

  2. Select the source format that the source metadata form should be associated with.

  3. Select Edit on the Source Format.

  4. Select the desired form for the Source Metadata setting.

Interacting with the Form & Viewing the Data

Once created and associated with a Source Format, the form can be accessed manually in Upload Dataset. Select the source upload and then select Metadata.

The source metadata form data may also be viewed by running a query from the form, itself, in order to export all Source metadata values. 

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