Checklist Settings
  • 21 Nov 2023
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Checklist Settings

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Article Summary

Insert / Edit Checklists




Set the status to active to enable the checklist item for use. Inactivate checklist items that are no longer used without fear of losing data associated with them.


Scope describes the entity to which the checklist item is related.

  • Person/Application - Person/Application-scoped checklist items are associated with an individual person or application record.

  • School - School-scoped checklist items are associated with an individual school record on the person record. School-scoped checklist items can be applied based on a specific level of study or degree with checklist rules.

Group Optional

Use this setting to group checklist items together that are applied to defined groups of records to consolidate the checklist rule writing process (e.g, international applications, transfer applications, non-degree applications, etc.). Group names cannot include spaces (e.g. First_Year for first year applications).


Section defines the type of checklist item. If using a custom status page, section can be used to categorize checklist items. Checklist sections are displayed as tabs within the checklist module, or can be presented in separate checklist modules that display dynamically.

  • Material - A Material checklist section displays checklist items for all custom materials.

  • Financial Aid - The Financial Aid checklist section displays financial aid checklist items, which are only updated using Upload Dataset. 

  • Form - The Form checklist section displays checklist items fulfilled by form registrations.

  • Special Use Only - Special Use Only checklist items are used to inactivate automatically-generated checklist items in Slate (e.g., school-specific transcripts, references, etc.). 

  • Other - Use "Other" to create custom checklist sections.


Give the checklist item a clear name. This is the name that will display on the checklist section of a Status Portal.


Adding a URL will make this checklist item appear as a link to a website. 


This is the code that Slate will use to store fields in the database.  It is best practice to have this ID be all lowercase with no spaces or special characters other than an underscore.  Once this ID is set and in use, the ID should not be changed.  This ID is simply used in the storage of the data in the database, and it is not a value that most administrative staff will see.


Specify the order in which checklist items are listed.

Material Fulfillment

Select the Material type that will fulfill a checklist requirement (i.e., if the material is uploaded to a record, the checklist item will be marked as received).

Note: This dropdown will only display the custom materials created in the materials section of database.

If a process calls for accepting more than one Material type to fulfill a single checklist item, up to five materials can be selected using the fulfillment dropdown boxes. If more than one material item is selected, an applicant will only need one of these items to mark the checklist item as fulfilled. Think of these settings as 'ORs' rather than 'ANDs'. 

Material Fulfillment Rank

Material Fulfillment Rank specifies which material type will fulfill the checklist item (e.g., a Material Fulfillment Rank of 1 on a checklist item for letter of recommendation indicates that the first letter of recommendation associated with the record will fulfill the checklist item).

Test Fulfillment

Selecting a test type will allow for a test score to fulfill a checklist item. If a record has a verified test score, then the checklist item will be marked as received.

Form Fulfillment

Selecting a form will allow for a form registration to fulfill a checklist item.


Select to 'Public' to display the checklist item on the status page. 


A checklist item displays 'Optional' on the status page. 

Optional for Reading

A checklist item appears as required on the status page, but is an item that will not hold up the reading process (e.g., a mid-year transcript).

Export Key

A checklist item may be given an export key that can be returned in a query.

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