Clone Application Base File
  • 13 Mar 2024
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Clone Application Base File

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Article Summary

Depending on your application structure, you may need to clone the Application Base for rounds that need their own standard application customization. For example, cloning the Application Base would be beneficial if your application structure looked like this:

Some examples of when you might want to create a new base file would include (but are not limited to) the following.

  • If you have a combined Slate instance with multiple graduate offices such as Graduate and Undergraduate working as administrators. This would help alleviate the possibility of one team impacting the settings of another teams application.

  • If you need to show specific instructions on default application pages (reference, test score, academic history, etc) to applicants in different application rounds. Creating a base file for each round would allow you to set custom instructions for each type of applicant rather than combining both sets of instruction on a single page

  • You would like to only show certain test types to graduate applicants and other test types to undergraduate applicants.

If your application rounds have only minor differences (e.g., the Transfer application has some additional questions and does not require an Essay page), you do not need to clone the Application Base file. Application Logic/Conditional Logic can be used to dynamically show application pages and questions.

Clone the Application Base

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select File Editor.

  2. Select the data row with the path /apply/base.xml

  3. In the dialog box, download the file to your computer.

  4. Select File Editor again and upload the Application Base with the proper path:

    Select the upload file button in the File Editor.

    • Upload Type - Select Upload File.

    • Path - (Before cloning your Application Base, ensure that your application rounds are configured with a Round Key.) Enter the new path for this file. Be sure to include the appropriate round key in the path. For example, /apply/GR/base.xml.

    • File - Choose the base.xml file you saved to your computer during step 3.

If necessary, follow the same steps to clone the Application Base for other rounds. Simply include the round key in the path (for example, /apply/UG/base.xml).Once you create a new Application Base file for a round, those standard application pages will be available for editing in the Application Editor:


Using this type of a setup, any changes made to standard pages on one application directory will not affect standard application pages across other applications. For example, if the instructions on the Personal Background page for each application needs to be edited, those instructions would need to be updated in each directory separately.

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