College Board Search
  • 10 Jul 2024
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College Board Search

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College Board Search is a service that helps institutions connect with high school students.  

Beginning September 2022, College Board offers subscription plans based on the access level appropriate for each institution. More information about subscription levels can be found on the College Board Search website.

College Board ID Field

The College Board assigns a unique ID to students, and this ID is included in multiple data files across the prospect and applicant lifecycle. As such, it is essential that your institution have a person-scoped, unique for merging College Board ID as a field in your database. The recommended ID value for this field is collegeboard_id. This is the field ID that will be pre-mapped for all new College Board sources that contain this ID.

To create this field:

  1. From the main navigation, select Database.

  2. Select Fields under the Records and Datasets section.

  3. Click New Field.

  4. Configure the following settings:

    • Scope: Person

    • ID: collegeboard_id

    • Name: Enter a name (for example, College Board ID).

    • Field Type: Free Text

    • Unique for Merging: Value contains a unique ID which identifies a single record for merging

  5. Click Save.

📝 Note

Import destinations are cached to improve performance and are refreshed approximately every five minutes in production environments. Use the link at the top of the Fields page to force a refresh of this cache after editing a source format's remap settings.

Student Search Service Source Format

The file layout for Student Search Service data has changed for the cycle beginning September 2022. If your institution receives Search data from The College Board, use the following steps to configure the new source format:

  1. From the main navigation, select Database.

  2. Select Source Format Library under the Import and Data Processing section.

  3. To the right of the Student Search Service (Fixed Width (2022)) source format, click Add.

  4. In the pop-up, click Add.

  5. In the system dialog, click OK. 

  6. From the right navigation, select Remap.

  7. Configure the remap settings for the format definition. Many items have been pre-mapped. As always, feel free to customize how the data will be imported.

    📝 Note

    Provided that you have added the College Board ID field in the section above, you will see the Student ID source field mapped to the College Board ID destination. This mapping should not be changed.

  8. From the right navigation, select Prompt Value Mappings. Customize the prompt value mappings as needed.

  9. From the right navigation, select Static Mappings. Customize the static mappings as needed.

  10. From the right navigation, select Review. Ensure there are no errors in your remapping.

  11. From the right navigation, select Retroactive Refresh. Select the destination fields to refresh and the sources from which to re-run the import.

  12. Click Retroactive Refresh.

  13. Set the Remap Active flag to Active on the source format once you are finished customizing the mappings. This will run the import using the Remap settings configured above for all files uploaded on or after the Remap As Of Date value.

Living Record Source Format

Once your institution has licensed a student record, access to updated details about the student as they engage with College Board over time is provided via a Living Record file.  Living Record is available as part of some subscription tiers, or it may be purchased a la carte.

If your institution's subscription includes Living Record data, use the steps below to configure the new source format.

  1. Select Database from the top navigation bar and select Source Format Library.

  2. Add the Student Search Service: Living Record Data (Fixed Width) source format.

  3. Select Remap to configure the remap settings for the format definition.  Many items have been pre-mapped.  As always, feel free to customize how the data will be imported.
    Note: The mappings for the Licensed Student ID and Student ID source fields should not be changed.  See below for details. Remember to review and customize the Prompt Value Mappings and Static Mappings.

  4. On the source format summary page, click Edit at right.

  5.  Under Remap Active, select Active. This will run the import using the Remap settings configured above for all files uploaded on or after the Remap As Of Date value.

 Pre-mapped College Board ID source fields

The College Board ID field has been pre-mapped as a destination from two source fields: Licensed Student ID and Student ID.

Licensed Student ID

The Licensed Student ID field will contain the value of the Student ID field that was most recently sent as the Student ID for the record. In the event that a record is merged in College Board's database after it was initially licensed by your institution, the new ID associated with that student will be sent in the Student ID field in the Living Record Data file.

Don't overwrite values

Because of this, the Licensed Student ID source field is mapped to the College Board ID destination for matching purposes only. The configuration for this destination prevents this field from overwriting existing field values by utilizing the Do not overwrite existing values setting.

Student ID

The Student ID source field is configured to allow updates to this field, so if the College Board ID that was sent previously has changed, the Living Record data will be able to update it appropriately. Additionally, since the Living Record data is the originating source of the College Board ID, this destination is further configured with the Unsafe Override setting to allow its update even if the record has an active application.

Allow overwrite and unsafe

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