Materials Tab for Advancement
  • 22 Nov 2023
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Materials Tab for Advancement

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Article Summary

The Materials tab contains all the documents and portfolio items uploaded to the constituent record. Slate converts documents to a PDF format upon upload. Portfolio items can comprise digital media like video and music files. Links to online media can also be stored in a portfolio.

Materials Tab

The materials tab includes four sections:

  • Materials / Portfolios

  • Related Materials

  • Restore Materials

  • Portfolio 

Materials / Portfolios

The Materials half of the Materials / Portfolios section displays the materials uploaded to the constituent record on a table that supports customizable views and for which the column headers are sortable.

New materials can be uploaded directly to the constituent record by clicking New Material. Materials can be digital documents, or a scanner can be used to digitize a document directly onto the record.  

The Portfolio half of the Materials / Portfolios section summarizes the upload of digital media. When the portfolio component is selected, a pop-up box displays the list of uploaded portfolio items. The portfolio items in the pop-up box can also be found in the Portfolio section of the materials tab.    

Related Materials

Related materials are materials on another constituent record in the database linked to the current constituent record the administrator is viewing. The link to the other constituent record is created through the relationship tab, where the other record is a linked relationship. The related materials section will display a table that supports customized views and where the header rows are sortable.  

Clicking a related material opens a pop-up box. A link to the related record is located near the top of the pop-up box.

Restore Material

The Restore Material section opens a pop-up box of administratively deleted material from the constituent record. Materials deleted through a retention policy cannot be restored. Selecting the checkbox and clicking Restore will restore the material to the materials tab.  


The Portfolio section contains digital media that has been uploaded to the record. The portfolio section allows any new media to be uploaded while existing media can be previewed and edited.  

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