Controlling Access to Query using Realms
  • 20 Feb 2024
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Controlling Access to Query using Realms

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Article Summary

Standard user permissions can grant access to a given function. However, Slate can enable more targeted restrictions of functional access to a specific group of objects - those who are included in a Realm.

For more information on creating realms, refer to the Realms article elsewhere in the Knowledge Base.

Adding a Query to a Realm

  1. Click Queries / Reports in the Slate navigation bar. The Queries summary page appears.

  2. Click New Query. A New Query popup appears.

  3. Configure the query as you would any other query, but consider the following two settings:

    • Realm: Select the appropriate realm. Note: If no realms are configured for your database, the realm setting will not appear.

    • Sharing: This setting is optional. The realm provides the highest level of restriction. Whether Sharing is selected or not, only users in that realm can access the query.

What does the Sharing setting do?

If Sharing is selected, users in the realm with the proper query permissions can access the query.

If Sharing is cleared, only users in the realm with the "Query (Edit All Users)" permission can access the query.

It's important to think of the Sharing permissions separately:

  • Access to the query (Query vs. Query Edit All Users permissions)

  • Access to the realm 

The Shared checkbox and sharing permissions grant those of a certain level access to the query, if they also happen to be in the Realm as well.

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