Customizing Colors in Reports
  • 08 Nov 2023
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Customizing Colors in Reports

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Article Summary

Reports that contain graphical charts can use a customizable color palette. The color palette is customized on an individual report basis, and can be reverted to the default colors at any time.


The color palette is accessible within a report by clicking Edit from the View Report layer, and then Edit again in the Edit Report layer.

Default Colors

The default colors are as follows:

Hex Color Code

RGB Value



(5, 141, 199)

Pacific blue


(80, 180, 50)

Kelly green


(237, 86, 27)



(221, 223, 0)

Chartreuse yellow


(36, 203, 229)

Summer sky


(100, 229, 114)

Pastel green


(255, 150, 85)



(255, 242, 99)



(106, 249, 196)



(128, 128, 128)


Customizing Colors

In this example, we want to use a different shade of green than the first green color in the palette (Kelly green):

  1. Click on the color you wish to change from the palette. This will open up the color picker.

  2. You may select a color by clicking within the color picker, or typing in the hex color code.


  3. To save the color selection, click anywhere outside of the color picker. You should see the color change in the palette.

  4. Click Save.

Chart with default green


Chart using custom green


Reverting to Default Colors

  1. On the color palette, click on the color you wish to change back to the default color.

  2. In the color picker, the default colors are available on the left. Click on the desired color.

  3. Click anywhere outside of the color picker. This will update the color selection and you should see the change on the color palette.

  4. Click Save.

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