Decision Letters
  • 25 Apr 2024
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Decision Letters

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Once the the required decision components during Stage I (for example, decision codes, letters, reply forms) have been created, create rules that will automatically add items to the application tab of the person record or the applicant status page.

Making Decision Letters

Before getting started with making decision letters in Slate, take some time to audit existing letters. We recommend printing all current letters and looking for consolidation opportunities. 

Remember that moving the decision process to Slate is an opportunity to restructure current processes. Managing 30 versions of the admit letter can be a difficult task. This is a great opportunity to rethink that business process and pare down the number of decision letters needed.

Make a list of all letters and decision codes to help guide the letter writing process. Here is an example of how a list might look:




  • EA Admit Letter

  • Transfer Fall Admit Letter

  • RD Admit Letter

  • Spring Transfer Admit Letter


  • EA Deny Letter

  • Transfer Fall Deny Letter

  • RD Deny Letter

  • Spring Transfer Deny Letter


EA Defer Letter


RD Waitlist Letter

Once all decision letters have been organized, add them to Slate using Letter Templates:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Letter Templates.

  2. Select New Letter.

  3. Enter the following user configurations in the dialog box:

    • Status: Set to Active.

    • Summary: Give the letter a clear name.

    • Export Code: Leave blank at this time.

    • Effective: This letter may only be assigned to a person after the effective date has passed.

    • Decision: Select the decision code that should be attached to this letter.

    • PDF: Leave this set to HTML/CSS v2. Existing Letter Templates should also be updated to HTML/CSS v2 for full support for web fonts.

    • Options: Select this box make this the default letter for a decision. Typically this is selected when there is just one letter associated with the letter’s decision. 

    • Search Applicant: Type in an example record to view data associated with each merge field. This is a not necessary to create a template, but is a testing tool to be used while building content.

Need a merge field for a decision letter that isn't included by default?

Many standard fields and all custom fields are automatically available to add to a decision letter. Any items that are not available by default can be added by creating a query called MergePublic. Refer to the Slate MergePublic Query article for more information.

Multiple Letters for One Decision

As decision letters are created for each decision, they will appear in the letter templates view. Some decision codes may be associated with multiple letters. One decision (such as Admit) may be associated with multiple letters.

These decision letters will eventually be assigned to applicant records. Having clear, distinguishable names will help with this process.

🔔 Important: No Default for Multiples!

Remember to clear the Default option if there are multiple letters associated with one decision.

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