Deliver Overview for Student Success
  • 03 Apr 2024
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Deliver Overview for Student Success

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Article Summary

Deliver is your all-in-one solution for email, SMS, print, and voice communications.

With Deliver, you can:

  • Engage constituents with automated drip campaigns

  • Stay on top of your campaigns in a calendar view

  • Create mailing templates

  • Review real-time analytics

  • Send print mailings

  Use Deliver to reach:

  • Current students

  • Student employment applicants

  • Counselors

  • Parents

Delivery on your schedule

Any communication can be sent as a one-off, automated to send for a span of time, or indefinitely.




Send a one-time email to all students who are Biology majors.


Send a finite series of welcome communications from the Biology department to any student who declares or changes their major to Biology.


Warn students that drop beneath an engagement threshold that dropping a class could affect their financial aid packages.

Precision targeting

Automated mailing campaigns find exactly the audience you're looking for using a combination of rules, populations and filters.

For example, say you want to message students who have shown an interest in on-campus housing. You might have a housing inquiry form that, when completed, triggers a rule that places the submitter in the population Housing.

In Deliver, you can build a recipient list to find any record that has entered this population in the last 24 hours. Then, you could send this population follow up communications about the move-in and move-out process.

Recipient List - Filter for Housing Population

Aesthetic consistency across every campaign

Templates unify aesthetics across communications.

For instance, save consistent institutional branding like headers, footers, or tables in an email template, and you won't need to recreate that branding for every communication that goes out.

Create a Message Template

Create an email template by saving a mailing to the Templates folder.


After saving a message in the Template folder, you can select it as the template for any new mailing, including emails for forms and events.

  Further Reading

Read more about email templates.

New Message from template

Template content is pre-populated in the new message.

System Generated Communications

Also known as system emails, these transactional communications are sent automatically when certain activities occur in Slate.

For example, when Slate receives a request to reset the password of a user's account, Slate sends an automated communication confirming this action.

Your database includes a number of default system emails, and you can create new ones as needed.

  Further Reading

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Analytics on deck

Every communication in Slate includes an analytics dashboard that tracks a number of useful metrics, like:

  • Messages sent

  • Messages delivered

  • Opened rate

  • Clicks

  • Bounces

  • Skips, and more.

The data in these reports are updated continuously while the mailing is active. Reports can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

Sample Analytics Dashboard

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