Displaying Custom Fields in Reader Dashboards (Merge Queries)
  • 18 Mar 2024
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Displaying Custom Fields in Reader Dashboards (Merge Queries)

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Article Summary

System fields, including custom and standard fields, are automatically available to map in the PDF Editor (located within the File Editor in Database) and through Merge Fields (located within Database). Any items that are not available in these areas can be added by creating a Merge query.

Create a Merge Query

  1. Click Queries / Reports in the top navigation bar.

  2. Click New Query

  3. Enter the following User configurations in the popup window:

    • Name - Provide a short, descriptive name based on what the merge fields will be used for, e.g. "Reader Dashboard," or "Custom Application PDF." (It is no longer necessary to name it strictly as 'Merge'.)

    • User - Select a user. This setting will default to the current user.

    • Sharing - To ensure no disruption for readers while configuring the Merge query, leave this box unchecked for now. This box will be checked later, once the query is created and runs successfully.

    • Folder- Select 'System'.

    • Base - Select 'Applications'.

    • System Key - Select 'Merge'.

  4. Add Exports that contain the values that will be used as merge fields on the PDF. (Remember that exports, including reader form export groups, can be added from the Slate Template Library).

  5. Update the export names for the merge fields. Give each merge field a unique name. Merge fields should not match any custom or standard field names. Double click an export box to edit the name of the merge field. 

    Example: "reader Review Form # 1 Rating" should be renamed to something like "reader_rating_1"

  6. Run the Merge query. Confirm that the exports are displaying the data as it should appear in the Reader.

  7. Turn on Sharing - Return to the query and click 'Edit'. Check the Sharing checkbox to activate the new merge fields.

  8. Add the Merge query fields in the PDF Editor. The merge fields created in this query can now be mapped in the PDF Editor. In the Field Name box, copy and paste the name of the new merge field.

    Example: "reader_rating_1"

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