Editing and Reversing Gifts
  • 17 May 2024
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Editing and Reversing Gifts

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Article Summary

There are three methods for modifying and reversing gifts: Edit, Reversal, and Edit with Reversal.


Editing a gift allows a user to change the details of a gift without sending an additional row to the general ledger. A user who modifies a gift can change any of the details and the gift is immediately updated within Slate.

Link/Unlink Gifts with Payments

Payments not automatically associated with a gift can be linked manually. Gifts that need to be unlinked from a given payment can similarly be unlinked or linked with another unlinked payment.

To link a gift to a payment:

  1. Navigate to a gift in a person record and select it.

  2. Next to Payment, click Link to a payment.


    If the gift is already linked to a payment, this reads Change linked payment.


  3. Select the payment to be linked from the list of payments recorded from the donor near the date of the gift. You may also enter a Transaction ID manually.

    If the gift is already linked to a payment, you will also have the option to Remove existing link from this gift to the payment.

  4. Click Save.


Reversing a gift effectively removes a gift - both in Slate and in a feed to the general ledger - by creating a new gift with an inverse gift amount.

For example, if a $100 gift was recorded and then reversed, the feed to the general ledger would show two rows: the $100 of the original gift and -$100 from the reversal.

Reversed gifts are removed from the display on the Giving tab.

Edit with Reversal

Combining both functions described above, editing a gift with a reversal allows for changes to be made to the gift, while effectively removing the original gift. In these cases, three gift rows are sent to the general ledger: the original gift, the reversal (inverse gift amount), and the updated gift.

For example, if a $100 gift was recorded - but it was intended to be $150 - the gift could be edited with a reversal. In the feed to the general ledger, this would appear as three rows: the $100 of the original gift, -$100 from the reversal, and the updated $150 gift.

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