Exclusive Permissions
  • 04 Mar 2024
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Exclusive Permissions

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Article Summary

Exclusive permissions cannot be inherited through a role and must be granted to users explicitly. When editing a user record, you can set exclusive permissions by navigating to the Roles tab. Custom (Exclusive) permissions will appear after the system defined list in alphabetical order.



Administrative Database Banner

Use a configuration key in combination with this permission to display informational text to selected users across all Slate pages in production, test, and Time Warp environments.

This banner can help partners with multiple Slate databases distinguish between them. 

All Realms

When a Realm is associated with an object, only users with both the appropriate permissions and the Realm are granted access.  For users who should have access to any objects, regardless of the Realm, this exclusive permission can be granted to obviate the need to add specific Realms to the user account.

Direct SQL Access

Slate supports direct, native SQL Server connections that may be used from any client that supports connections to a SQL Server.  The connections provide a read-only interface into your Slate database.

Payment Gateway Setup

Grants access to configure Slate Payments. A user with this permission can enter bank account data to route payments to a destination account. To help audit this process, an email is automatically sent to all users with the Security Administrator exclusive permission whenever a new destination bank account is added.

Security Administrator

At least one user must be designated a Security Administrator.  

  • Users with this permission will become the primary contacts for all security communications from Technolutions.

  • Grants the ability to add and edit Slate users.

SFTP Access

Creates SFTP credentials to login, download, and upload files within the specified directories within your institution's Technolutions-provided SFTP server.

SSN Unmask

Grants access to unmask the Social Security Number.

Submit requests to Service Desk

Up to three users may have the permission to submit service desk requests to Technolutions. This exclusive permission should be reserved for Slate Captains only. This is to ensure that requests are submitted and ranked according to the institution’s priorities, rather than many separate individuals’ priorities. 

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