Fields that store a single value from a prompt list
  • 04 Apr 2024
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Fields that store a single value from a prompt list

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Article Summary

Custom fields will have different configurations based on the type of data stored. This section will focus on four types of custom fields:

  • Fields that store free-text values

  • Fields that store a single value from a prompt list

  • Fields that store multiple values from a prompt list

  • Fields that store a yes/no value

Before configuring custom fields in Slate, carefully consider the data being captured and how it will be leveraged in Slate.

🔔 Important!

The following settings should never be changed after a field is in use:

  • Scope

  • ID

  • Prompt

  • Value

Changes to any of these may result in inconsistent and inaccurate data.

How to Create Single Value Prompt List Fields

To create a field that stores a single value from a prompt list, enter the following Field configurations:

  • Prompt - Select the prompt list to use for this  field by selecting the Prompt Key.

  • Value - Important: Set the Value to 'Store Prompt ID' for all custom fields that use a prompt list configured in the Prompts tool.

  • Multiple - Set this to Single Value.

Best Practices

Fields that have the same option values can use the same prompt list.  For example, for an Academic Interest field with the top two academic interests, create two custom fields, and configure each field to use the same prompt list.

Academic Interest 1


Academic Interest 2


Changing prompt values

Prompts can be modified at any time. Since Slate is storing the prompt ID for saved fields, the value of the prompt may be updated and the new value will automatically be associated with the existing fields (e.g., “Comp Sci/Eng” may be changed to “Computer Science and Engineering”).

If a prompt value needs to be modified in a way that alters the meaning, create a new prompt value. For example, if Art is no longer offered, but Math is a new option, do not update the Art value to Math. A better practice is to inactivate the Art prompt and make a new prompt for Math. Inactivating prompts allows you to preserve existing field values.

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