Inbox Snippets
  • 23 Apr 2024
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Inbox Snippets

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Article Summary

Snippets allow you to quickly add content that is used repeatedly to a message.

Multiple Snippets can be used in the same message. Simply place your cursor in the location you would like the text to appear within the HTML editor, and then click on the specific Snippet you wish to use in the Snippets section.

📝 Note

Content Blocks (formerly Mailing Snippets) are distinct from Inbox Snippets.

If you have a lot of Snippets, use the Search Snippets... box to find the specific Snippet that you need.

Create Snippets

If you find yourself writing the same text in messages, you may choose to create a Snippet so that you can easily add that text to messages without needing to type it each time. Signatures are the obvious choice for Snippets, but there may be other items that users are repeatedly responding with, such as links to certain resources.

Snippets can be created for a specific user, a specific role, or for anyone within Inbox.

  1. Click Inbox in the top navigation bar.

  2. Click Snippets in the right navigation menu. 

  3. Click New Snippet.

  4. Enter the following user configurations in the popup window:

    • Name - Give the Snippet a descriptive name, e.g., Signature

    • Role / User - optional

      • Previously, adding a Role designation to a Snippet meant that the Snippet was only available for messages assigned to that role. With the shift to using Sharing Permissions, the role designation now applies to any user with that Role rather than any message assigned to that role. 

  5. Use the HTML editor to create the Snippet.

Managing Snippets

Your database may have a significant number of Snippets. To more easily find Snippets that need to be edited, there are several methods that can be used together to filter the Snippets that are displayed:




The Search Snippets... search box performs a partial match search on both the name of the Snippet and the text content.

Personal Snippets

Only Snippets assigned to the current user.

Shared Snippets

Include shared snippets - Snippets assigned to the current user and Snippets that are not assigned to any specific user.

All Snippets

All Snippets a user is assigned to.

Roles Filter

All Roles - All Snippets, regardless of the role assignment.

Specific Role - Snippets that are associated with the selected role only.

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