Introduction: Slate Configurations
  • 16 Nov 2023
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Introduction: Slate Configurations

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Article summary

Students can apply to Coalition member institutions through an integration between Scoir and Slate. 

Slate Configurations

When an applicant indicates they want to apply to your institution, Scoir sends their profile data to Slate to create the application (in real-time) and then opens the supplement form for the applicant to complete and submit the application.  The integration consists of four configurable parts:

  1. The CoalitionApplicationProfile source format

    Data sent from Scoir runs through this source format to generate the application and import the data as your institution has decided to map them.

  2. A Coalition Supplement form

    This application-scoped form allows your institution to capture additional information not already included in the main Coalition application.

    Optional: A payment widget included on the form facilitates the capture of the application fee.

  3. A materials source format (more information coming soon)

    The application PDF and supporting documents will be imported using a source format, allowing your institution to select the specific material types that should be used to store the application materials.

  4. Optional: The CoalitionApplicationCourses source format (coming soon)

    If your institution collects courses and grade information from applicants, this source format will import this data.

The integration is supported by the following processes:

Status notification updates to Scoir

  • Slate sends a notification to Scoir when the application is successfully created.  Scoir is then able to direct the applicant to the supplement form to complete the application within Slate.

  • Slate sends a notification to Scoir when the application is successfully submitted.  Until an application is submitted, Scoir will show the applicant that their application is incomplete.

Scoir single sign-on

  • When an applicant is logged into Scoir, they can navigate to the supplement form in Slate to complete their application, or to the application status portal in Slate if the application has been submitted, without needing to log in again.

  • This process uses a secure, multi-level encryption process to verify the applicant's identity with Scoir.

  • Applicants are able to log into their account using their normal Slate logins as well—they do not need to enter via Scoir.

Next, we'll talk about Coalition source formats.

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