Making Calls with Slate Voice from a Record
  • 03 Apr 2024
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Making Calls with Slate Voice from a Record

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Article Summary

Slate Voice is a fully-integrated telecommunications platform that lets you place calls directly from a record, call list, or anywhere else phone numbers are available in Slate without the need for external processes or custom interactions.

To use Slate Voice to make calls directly from a person record:

  1. Open the record for the person you intend to call.

  2. In the Connect section of the record page, locate the contact (such as Phone and Mobile) numbers. Contact numbers appear as a link.

  3. Select the number link to open the Connect dialog.

    Note: The Mobile link offers options for SMS, Slate Voice, and Tel, while the Phone offers options for Slate Voice and Tel.

  4. Select Slate Voice to open the Slate Voice dialog box.
    Mobile Number
    Phone Number

The Slate Voice dialog box features:

  • The person's name and phone number.

  • A link to open and review the person record.

  • A call status bar. Before and after an active call, the bar displays "Disconnected" as the status. During the active call, the bar displays the elapsed time for the call.

  • Account: a selectable list of originating phone numbers (refer to the article on configuring Slate Voice for additional information).

  • An icon to open the SMS messaging dialog.

  • An icon to initiate the call (Connect) using Slate Voice.

During the call, an additional dialog provides the following options:

  • Record the call*

  • Put the called party on hold

  • Mute the local audio

  • Send an SMS message

  • End the call (hang up)

🔔 Important!

Laws and regulations regarding the recording of telephone conversations can vary by region. Make sure that you comply with all regulations, and always request permission from the called person before recording the conversation.

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