Online Events Hosted Using an External Service
  • 04 Apr 2024
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Online Events Hosted Using an External Service

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Slate provides the ability to host online events using external services such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. These online events allow partner institutions to extend interactions with records or other constituencies who might not be able to attend an in-person event.

Creating Online Events

Online events should be approached just like any other type of event (i.e., campus tours or visits). You will first need to decide if you're creating a template or a stand-alone event.


Event templates save time and effort by allowing you to configure event components for an event type in a central location. Event templates can be used to add events in a batch without the need for any additional configurations. All events with an event template use that template’s registration form and communications.

  1. Select Events on the top navigation bar.

  2. Select New Template or New Event. A popup appears (pictured).

  3. In addition to any regular Event Configurations that you would normally enter you will want to enter the following configurations:

    • Timezone - Set the Timezone. Slate will not be able to "Autodetect from Location" since this event is online and will not have a designated location. 

    • Online Event - Under the Location tab, select Host Event Using External Service. 

    • Location Name (optional) - You have the opportunity to add in a location name.

    • URL - Add in the URL for your online event. If your individual events will be using a different link, you can add in a placeholder URL. 

    • Early Access - If you wish to allow registrants to access your event prior to the actual Event Start Time. 

  4. Click Save.

Use Early Access if you wish to allow registrants to access your event prior to the actual Event Start Time


In order to integrate the external service link and Slate's check-in functionality, the link must be referenced via communications through the Form-Share-Link merge field. 

This link will bring the registrant to a Slate page containing a count down timer to the time of the event. This process is what will mark the registrant as attended within Slate. If an event attendee accesses the link through another manner such as a direct link, their event attendance will not be recorded in Slate and will require manual intervention.

When the count-down timer has reached zero, they will be able to enter the event hosted on your external service.

For participants to get this link, event communications must be set up.

  1. On the Event Template, click Edit Communications in the column on the right side of the screen. 

  2. Click New Mailing.

  3. Provide a Name and set a Trigger and Group.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Edit Message and include text in the body of the email and any other formatting. To provide the link to the online event, include the merge field "Form-Share-Link." It appears as "Access Webinar" when dragged into the mailing. This will merge in the link to the external service and tie it to the registrant’s person ID.

  6. In the “Recipient” field, be sure to insert the {{sys-email}} merge field from the list at the right so the email will be sent to the registered person.

  7. Click Save.

When the registrant accesses the webinar through the link, they will automatically be marked as attended.

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