Person Record Assignment
  • 10 Nov 2023
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Person Record Assignment

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When a message is received, Slate attempts to automatically assign it to a person record. The automatic assignment will occur if there is exactly one record that has a matching email address that is not Inactive. If there are no records that have this email address, or if there are multiple records with the same email address, an automatic assignment does not occur.

You are able to manually update the Person Record assignment in Inbox.

If a message has not been assigned to a person record, the Sender will display just the sender's email address. If it has been assigned to a person record, then it will display the person's name as a link to the person record. For example:

This message is assigned to a person record.

There are several reasons why assigning messages to a person record is recommended:

  • The Conversation History only displays messages that were sent specifically to the assigned person record. If a person record is not assigned, then no other messages will appear in the Conversation History.

  • The message will be included in the Conversation History for subsequent messages for the same record in Inbox.

  • The message sent to Inbox will appear on the person record's timeline, allowing users to see the message history directly from the person record.

  • The assigned person record can be accessed via a link from Inbox, providing users additional context while responding to messages. Note: User permissions are enforced, so the user must have the necessary permissions to lookup the record in order to navigate to the record from Inbox.

The steps to assign or update the person record are:

  1. Click Assign

  2. Use the Assigned Record autosuggest box to find the appropriate record



To clear the record assignment without assigning the message to a different record, simply delete the name from the textbox for this step.

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