Preserve Address Format
  • 17 Nov 2023
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Preserve Address Format

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Article Summary

In an import

To preserve the formatting of an address through an import:

  1. During the static mapping stage of an import, configure the following settings:

    • Destination: Address, Address - Quality

    • Value: Unverified: Skip Validation

  2. Click Save.

Set Static Mappings - Skip Address Validation.png

How it works

  • The above procedure sets an Address - Quality value of 1 on the addresses that come through in that import.

  • By comparison, addresses imported with no value mapped for Address - Quality receive the lowest address quality rank: 2. These get validated against the USPS database in a nightly address standardization process. 

  • After validation, they receive the highest address quality rank: 0.

With an address quality of 1, your addresses won't run through the address standardization process, and they can then be differentiated between addresses that have.


Filter address records for Quality in queries or reports.

On the person record

Addresses are queued for overnight verification upon creation and upon update.

To keep an address out of the queue:

  • On the Profile tab of the person record, when adding or updating an address , select Preserve Formatting.


This setting is deselected after closing the Edit Address window. It needs to be re-selected every time an update is made.

Preserve Formatting on Address Record.png

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