Prompt Categories
  • 07 Apr 2024
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Prompt Categories

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A prompt category is a setting that can group prompts of the same key. By categorizing prompts as desired, users can query on fields by prompt category and display prompts by category on form fields.

Partners who manage a constantly evolving prompt list (i.e. Academic Programs) may find the Limit by Category option helpful when creating forms.

Create Prompts with Categories

A prompt can be given a category upon prompt creation, or an existing prompt can be added to a category to divide prompts of the same key into groups:

  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Prompts.

  2. Insert a new prompt or select an existing one.

  3. Add a Category to the prompt as desired. Save the prompt once all necessary settings are entered.

For example, if prompts for academic interests should be categorized, each prompt might be updated or inserted to include categories such as the following:








Foreign Language


Biological Sciences


Biological Sciences


Physical Sciences

Earth Science

Physical Sciences


Biological Sciences


Business Programs

Best Practice

Do not change the category of a prompt once that prompt is used (and data exists in that prompt). This can lead to unexpected behavior and the need to adjust existing exports and filters referencing the prompt categories.

Query Exports & Filters

Fields that are associated with categorized prompts can be exported and filtered based on prompt category.

Filter Based on Prompt Category

In any tool that uses filters (e.g. Query, Rules Editor), search for the field that is associated with prompt categories. The filter options related to this field will include the general filter that lists all of the fields prompts, and a filter for the field that notes "(Prompt Category)". Using the Academic Interests field as an example, adding a filter for Academic Interests would show:

This filter will list all of the categories associated with that field's prompts. Continuing with the academic interests example, this filter would display a list of the categories of the Academic Interest prompts:

Any number of categories may be selected from this filter in order to limit the records by prompt category for the selected field.

Export Prompt Category

If the category of a prompt should be exported in a query, take the following steps:

  1. In a query, add an export for the field that is associated with the desired prompt categories (e.g. Academic Interests).

  2. Edit the export for this field in the query.

  3. Change the "Export Value" setting to Category.

  4. Add any other desired exports or filters to the query.

The query will now display the category associated with the prompt value(s) of that field for each record in the query run. Using the academic interests example, the query would display the prompt categories such as:

Form Fields

When only certain prompt values should be displayed on a form, the "Override system prompts" setting can be used to delete the prompts as options on the form field. However, new prompts added in the Database will not be reflected in a form field with "Override system prompts" checked.

Limit or Group by Category

Rather than overriding the prompts when only certain subsets of prompts should display for a particular field (which requires continued upkeep as prompts are added in the Database), form fields can be set to only display prompts from specified prompt categories.

For instance, take the example of the custom field for Academic Interests once more. When the field for Academic Interests is mapped on a form, the prompts for this field can be limited and/or grouped by the prompt category. To do so, take the following steps while editing a form:

  1. Add/edit a form field associated with prompts

  2. Ensure that Connect to system prompts is selected.

  3. Select Limit by category (this will show a new multi-select box).

  4. Select one or more categories in the Limit Categories box to limit the prompt list.

  5. If desired, Group by Category can be selected to display the available prompts grouped based on their categories.

When a form field prompt list is grouped by category, the prompts display under their bolded category. If no category exists for a prompt, such as "Human Condition" below, it will be listed at the top of the prompts:

If the prompts of a form field are grouped and limited, only prompts in the selected categories will display to the form submitter. For example, if only the "Arts" and "Biological Sciences" categories are selected, the form field would display as the following:

If the prompts of a form field are limited but not grouped, only prompts from those selected categories will display, but the names of the prompt categories will not show. For example, if only the "Arts" and "Biological Sciences" categories are selected and "Group by Category" is not selected, the form field would display as the following:

Continuing with the above example, if the "Theatre" prompt is inactivated or expired in the Prompts tool in the Database, the prompt list will automatically be updated to reflect that change. This is due to the form field still being connected to system prompts. Likewise, if "Physiology" is added as a new prompt with the category "Biological Sciences" in the Prompts tool in the Database, that prompt would automatically appear as an option. These updates happen without needing to edit the form. Conversely, if the form field is set to "Override system prompts" in order to remove certain options, changes made to this prompt list outside of the form will not automatically propagate through to the form field.


If changes are made to fields or prompts in the Database, remember to force-refresh the cache in order to see these changes immediately on a form.

Finally, prompt conditions can be used in conjunction with prompts that have been grouped and/or limited by category. This allows further granularity within the form field, and can be used to display only specific prompts to certain form submitters. Remember, when a form is copied, prompt conditions do not copy, while limited and grouped prompt categories do copy.

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