Query - Schedule Export Settings
  • 27 Nov 2023
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Query - Schedule Export Settings

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Article Summary

Schedule Export Settings




Determine whether or not the export should automatically be based on the schedule established.


Select the appropriate endpoint:

  • Technolutions SFTP - Sends the file to the Slate SFTP site. 

  • Custom File Transfer - Sends the file to the Slate SFTP or an external SFTP site.

  • Materialized View - Configures the query as a materialized view.

  • Web Service (Remote) - Configures an endpoint that can be called via web services.

  • Facebook Audience - Sends a targeted audience to Facebook Custom Audiences.


Provide the view to be associated with the Materialized View.


Provide a secure endpoint for the corresponding Web Service (Remote) server.


Define custom headers for the web service.


Provide a secure connection for the corresponding Custom Server.


Specify the path of the file. A forward slash will create a directory (e.g., "sis_exports/export_file_%F.txt" will generate a text file in the sis_exports directory within the outgoing directory.) Use the link at the right of the text box to see the possible date and time variables for the file name. Files with identical names will be overwritten; adding the %FT%T variable (full date and time stamp) makes it highly unlikely that files will be overwritten.


Select Secure Transfer or PGP Encryption

  • Secure Transfer (default) 

  • PGP Encryption - Enter the PGP key to encrypt the data file. This is only necessary if the file is transferred to an external site in an insecure manner (i.e., not SFTP).

Public Key

Available when PGP Encryption is selected as the Encryption type. This would only be necessary if the file is transferred to an external site in an insecure manner (i.e., not SFTP.)


Set the conditions under which a notification email should be sent regarding this query.

  • No Notifications

  • Failures only

  • Failures and late deliveries

  • Successes, failures, and late deliveries

Notify Email

Selecting a Notification will display this setting which accepts comma-delimited email addresses.


Format options include:

  • Delimited (tab-delimited, CSV, etc.)

  • Excel Spreadsheet

  • Fixed Width

  • JSON

  • XML

  • Document Export v2

  • Document Export v1 (deprecated)

  • Document Export Combined PDF


Specify the doctype for XML files.

Null Handling

Specify the inclusion of null elements in XML files.

  • Omit null elements

  • Send xsi:nil="true" for null elements

Root Element

Provide the Root Element for XML files.

Row Element

Provide the Row Element for XML files.


When using the Document Export v2 Format, select the appropriate archive container.

  • ZIP

  • ZIP64

Document Type

Specify the document type for Document Export v2 format.

  • PDF

  • TIFF (multi-page)

  • JPEG (first page)


Select the DPI for TIFF document exports.

  • 72

  • 96

  • 150

  • 200

  • 300

  • 600

Pixel Depth

Select the color options for TIFF document exports.

  • 24 (full color)

  • 8 (grayscale)

  • 1 (black and white)

Index Format

Specify the file format for Index files for document exports.

  • No Index File

  • Delimited (tab-delimited, CSV, etc.)

  • Excel Spreadsheet

  • Fixed Width

Index Filename

Provide the filename for the document export index file, if applicable.


Determine the delimiter in the data file.

  • Tab ()

  • Comma (,)

  • Semicolon (;)

  • Pipe (|)

  • Caret (^)

  • Bang (!)


Include header row or Exclude header row; specifies the inclusion of a header row.

Text Qualifiers

Enable double quote text qualifiers or none.

  • Double quotes (")

  • No text qualifiers

Line Endings

Determine the character(s) for line endings.

  • <Cr><Lf>

  • <Lf>


Specify the character encoding for the file.

  • Unicode (utf-8)

  • Western European (iso-8859-1)

  • ASCII (us-ascii)

Suppress Empty

Allow or suppress empty files; stops creation of empty files if a query returns no records. Otherwise, an empty file or one with only a header row is created.

Requested Delivery Window (Eastern Time)

Determine the delivery window for the automated query execution.

Requested Weekdays

Determine the days of the week to run the export.

Requested Priority

This optional configuration prioritizes query exports within a specific Requested Delivery Window.

For example, if you have five queries scheduled to run during the morning window, and one is set to "high priority," three are "normal priority," and one is "low priority," the high priority query will run first, then the three normal priority queries, then the low priority query.

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