Random Distribution of Assignment Rules (Non-deterministic)
  • 21 Nov 2023
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Random Distribution of Assignment Rules (Non-deterministic)

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Article Summary

If your institution needs to assign records to counselors at random, you can create rules within a given exclusivity group that are non-deterministic. As records are updated, there will be a random selection among these rules to take action on the record. It should be noted that while the selection does not use a "round-robin" procedure, non-deterministic rules should create an equal distribution over time among possible outcomes.


Rules configured for random assignment should all have the same priority ranking. 

Create the Rules

The Staff Assigned field is used when an instance is provisioned. You can either use or create your own assignment fields.

If your instance does not have the Staff Assigned field already included, the Staff Assigned field will need to be created.

  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Rules Editor.

  2. Click New Rule

  3. Enter the following User configurations in the popup window:

    • Name - Give the rule a name that will clearly define what that rule is doing. For example, in this example the rule Counselor Assignment - Sally Smith is assigning records to staff member Smith. The next rule would be called Counselor Assignment - Phil Johnson.

    • Base - Select the Configurable Joins - Person population to assign counselors to all records in Slate

    • Type - Select Field as the Type.

    • Trigger - Select Upon Update (Deferred)

    • Folder - Create a folder called Counselor Assignment and save all counselor assignment rules in this folder.

    • Exclusivity Group: Important: Make a new Exclusivity Group called Counselor Assignment. Use an Exclusivity Group to tell Slate to run the rules in that group based on the priority number order. Within an Exclusivity Group, Slate will run a rule with the lowest priority number first and then move to the next sequential priority number. Once a record meets the filter criteria of one rule, the remaining rules will not be processed

    • Non-deterministic - Select Rules within group and priority should be randomized.

    • Priority - Give all rules the same priority.

    • Status - Set the Status to Preview.

Configure the appropriate filters:

  • Define the population this rule should impact.

Configure the appropriate action:

  • Field - Select Counselor Assigned

  • Action - Replace Values

  • Prompt - Select the appropriate User


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