Reader Tab Materials Settings
  • 21 Nov 2023
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Reader Tab Materials Settings

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Article Summary

Insert Reader Tab Materials




Set the status to Active to enable the Reader Tab Material.  An Inactive Reader Tab Material will not display.


Associate the material with a Reader Tab Group.


Many types of data sources can be configured to display on a tab:

  • Application/Dashboard - Standard or custom field data on a custom mapped PDF or auto PDF.

  • Comments from Activities/Interactions - List of interactions with comments.  Includes only interaction codes that are configured as Show in Reader = Yes in the Activity & Interaction Codes Admin Tool.

  • Cover Page - Legacy feature

  • Decision Letters - Decision letters of released decisions that are configured as Printable in the Decision Codes Admin Tool.

  • Essays (Retiring) - Essays from a Slate-hosted application that use the retiring legacy essay format.

  • External Emails - Emails that were sent outside of Slate and attached to the record using the External Email Gateway.

  • Form/Event/Interview - Registration data from a specific form, event, or interview.

  • Fraud Report - Displays items identified as potentially fraudulent.

  • Material - Document saved as a custom material type.

  • Reader Form - Submitted data from a specified reader review form.

  • Reader Form (self) - Submitted data from a specified reader review form that was submitted by the current user only.

  • References - Slate-hosted recommendations

  • Report - Cluster Report (Query in the folder Reader-Reports).

  • School Reports - Slate-hosted School Report, including uploaded materials and transcripts.

  • School Reports (Forms Only) - Slate-hosted School Report, excluding uploaded materials and transcripts.

  • Source Format - Uploaded data from a specific source format.

  • Transcripts - School-specific transcripts. Note: if you are not using school-specific transcripts, then configure this item using the Material type.


Certain Type selections require that you specify a source.  For example, if you select Material, you will need to select the custom material type.  


This setting allows you to select if the data should appear on a custom mapped PDF, or if the Auto PDF functionality should be used.  Auto PDF functionality is available for items submitted within Slate, including Slate-hosted applications and form registrations.  The Auto PDF eliminates the need to map custom PDFs, though you are still able to do so if you would like.


This determines the order that the material will appear on the tab.


Select whether you want all items from a particular source type, or if only certain items should display. 

Filter Base (optional)

Select a Filter Base to enable filters, which will allow you to restrict the population that will receive this material on the tab.

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