Require Employment Information
  • 13 Mar 2024
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Require Employment Information

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Article summary

Application logic, including hard and soft fails, ensure applicants enter all necessary data prior to submitting an application.

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Using Testing Queries

Before you commit to using the application logic records, try a testing query by importing the Suitcase link in the second tab. These queries recreate the application logic records, taking advantage of the Query Builder's Preview Results function to ensure the records that should be receiving the hard or soft fails appear. If you only use the application logic records, you'll only see the number of records affected.

Application Logic Suitcase ID


Testing Queries Suitcase ID


Warning About Missing Work Experience

This submission requirement displays a warning if the applicant has not entered a job on the Work Experience page.

  1. Type - Submission Requirement

  2. Section: Personal Information page, which will begin as "per -"

  3. Name - Provide the text that will display when the applicant is missing information.

  4. Warning -Select Soft Fail.

  5. Base - Configurable Joins - Application

  6. Filters - Create a Subquery Filter (Aggregate - Not Exists). If no specifics are needed, no filters are necessary once the joins are in place.

If you require that applicants have previous work experience, select Hard Fail to prevent application submission without entering job history. Otherwise, select Soft Fail to only display a warning.

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