SFTP Technical Details for Network Administrators
  • 09 May 2024
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SFTP Technical Details for Network Administrators

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Article Summary

Allow Lists

For connections initiated by organizations into Technolutions:

If outbound traffic from an organization is being restricted, allow the following IP addresses:

  • United States / Global (ft.technolutions.net):,

  • Canada (ft.ca-central-1.technolutions.net):,

  • Europe (ft.eu-west-1.technolutions.net):,

  • Asia Pacific (ft.ap-northeast-1.technolutions.net):,

For connections that are initiated by Technolutions:

If files are being transferred from Slate to external servers, the connections are initiated from the IP addresses listed in the Outbound Networks article.

Public Key Fingerprint

Should the SFTP client need to trust a specific server, Slate's SFTP server public key fingerprint is:

ssh-rsa 2048 35:7a:60:48:cf:4f:bc:d1:f1:4e:92:dc:ea:02:18:3b

Command Line SFTP

If the institution is connecting with a command-line SFTP program that takes the connection settings in the form username@server, using a value such as [email protected]@ft.technolutions.net may not work correctly. In such cases, replace the first "@" symbol with an equals ("=") symbol, making the resulting setting [email protected] 


  • There is no size limit for SFTP folder content.

  • In the outgoing folder, files are removed after 30 days.

  • In the incoming folder, files are removed after 120 days.

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