Configurable API
  • 11 Apr 2024
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Configurable API

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Article Summary

You can use the Slate Configurable API to export data in a format easily consumed by other web services. The Configurable API provides access to data in a clean, well-documented, tightly-scoped API.

Configuring the API

The Slate API builder is used to create a new API which will serve as a collection of endpoints.

To configure the API:

  1. From the main navigation, select Database.

  2. Select Slate Configurable API.

  3. Click New API.

  4. In the popup, enter an unique key and a name:

    • The name is for user reference.

    • The key is part of the endpoint where data is requested.

  5. Click Save.

Add endpoints

To add endpoints:

  1. Select New Endpoint. An Edit API popup appears.

  2. Configure the following settings:

    1. Key: Enter a computer-friendly key (lowercase, no spaces). The key becomes a part of the URL that accesses the query. The final URL will have the form of /manage/service/api/{API KEY}/{ENDPOINT KEY}

    2. Name: Enter a person-friendly, internal name for the endpoint.

    3. Base: Select the base of the query, to be executed when this end point is called. Note: It cannot be changed later.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Add any required exports. Any formatting you supply to the export will be carried over into the API.

    For example, you you can:

    • Give countries ISO alpha-2 codes

    • Render birthdates in the MM/DD/YYYY format

  5. Filter the results as needed.

Access API documentation

On the API configuration home page, you will find the API link, which points to the documentation of the end points associated with this API:


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