Slate Implementation FAQs
  • 13 Mar 2024
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Slate Implementation FAQs

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Article summary

This article addresses the most common questions from both prospective and current Slate clients about the implementation process and resource access.

What does the Slate implementation process look like?  

An implementation is a multi-phase process supported by numerous resources and guidance from the user community. Your institution selects members to form your Slate team. These core users:

  • Attend an online orientation course called The Fundamentals of Slate

  • Create and execute a project plan based on your institution’s priorities

How long is the Slate implementation timeline?  

The Slate implementation timeline depends on your institution's:

  • Priorities

  • Internal resources

  • Desired functionality

Slate is process-built, meaning you can complete implementation in phases or by functional area. Go-live goals can be set for days, weeks, or months, depending on variables such as staff availability, training, and time allocation. 

How do we get started with implementing Slate?  

Upon database activation, your first step is to identify the core members of your Slate team and add them as users (typically 2-4 staff). They enroll and complete the online Fundamentals course with the support of our Knowledge Base and a test Slate environment in which they build processes, examples, etc. 

Who should the members of our Slate implementation team be?  

Team members should represent several skill sets and functional areas of your organization. We recommend naming 3 Slate Captains per database to lead the design and build effort. Read more here about Assembling the Core Slate Team.

Who are Slate Captains, and what do they do?  

Slate Captains are the project leaders for your Slate implementation. They should be well-versed in your business processes and overall data needs. As a team, they will:

  • Gather information from stakeholders

  • Set goals for your team

  • Complete implementation objectives

Read more about Slate Captains in Assembling the Core Slate Team

How do I register for the Fundamentals course? Who should attend? How much does it cost? 

Fundamentals courses are available online in Learning Lab, our Learning Management System. Read more here about:

  • Course topics

  • Who should attend

  • How to register and access the course

  • Costs and complimentary waivers

How much time should we allocate for the Fundamentals course?  

We recommend allocating 2-3 hours per day over several weeks for 40 hours to complete the Fundamentals coursework, including the exercises. We recommend you preschedule some working sessions with your colleagues during this period to exchange learning experiences.

How do I add users to my Slate database and Clean Slate test environment?  

The Slate Knowledge Base is your primary source of technical documentation and best practice recommendations.  ​​​​​​ This Knowledge Base article details how to add users to Slate. 

Will we be assigned an account or project manager? 

The Technolutions' Client Success Team functions as a cohesive unit to guide your team through implementation and long-term database management. Client success supports your team's use and maximization of resources while sharing best practices and establishing community connections.

What are Slate Preferred Partners?   

Institutions looking for supplemental Slate support and integration services can contact our Slate Preferred Partners directly to discuss their needs. If you already have access to Slate, check out the interactive Slate Preferred Partner Program Directory via your Database > Support Resources > Discover Slate > Preferred Partners.

Your team continues to have full access to all Slate-provided resources regardless of your decision to engage with a Preferred Partner or other third-party vendors.   

How do we develop a project plan?   

Whether you adopt Slate for Admissions & Enrollment, Advancement, Student Success, or all three, there are path-specific project checklists in the Knowledge Base. Organizations expand upon these step-by-step outlines to create more detailed project plans by adding go-live dates and team member assignments. Read this article on Community Conversations to learn more about registering for these support conversations to help with your project planning. 

What resources are available to implement Slate?   

View and access comprehensive resources from the Discover Slate page in your Slate database. Levels I, II, and III resources range from self-service documentation and webinar recordings in Knowledge Base to Slate peer- and staff-supported Community Conversations and Forums.   

What are Community Conversations? What role do they play in implementation?  

Community Conversations are recurring live community discussions on various Slate strategies and topics. T racks explore managing Admissions/Enrollment, Student Success, and Advancement in Slate. They provide the opportunity to learn and contribute to the broad knowledge of the Slate community, which includes Technolutions staff expertise and the experiences of your colleagues at other institutions. 

What resources are available after we are finished with implementation? 

The comprehensive resources in Discover Slate are available for all phases of your Slate database, not only during implementation. Levels I, II, and III resources range from self-service documentation and webinar recordings in Knowledge Base to Slate peer- and staff-supported Community Conversations and Forums.   

How do we integrate Slate with our external systems? What integrations are available with Slate? 

Slate integrates successfully with a wide variety of software applications, including student information systems, business intelligence solutions, and enterprise content management systems.

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