Slate Innovation Summit 2023 - Presentation Slides
  • 03 Apr 2024
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Slate Innovation Summit 2023 - Presentation Slides

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All presentations featured during Summit concurrent presentations are available in the .ppsx (Power Point Show) file format. Click "Download Slides" to download the presentation to your computer.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Concurrent Sessions 12:45pm–1:45pm

Karl Dean Ballroom - Amplify Your Communications to Level (BIG) 12!
  7.3 MB Download Slides
Rachel Eng, Oklahoma State University
Lisa Pinamonti Kress, University of Kansas Liz Rainwater, Texas Christian University

Davidson ABC - To Boldly Go Where Some Folks Have Gone Before! The Journey into Slate Leadership
  16.9 MB Download Slides
David Altman, UCLA Edgar Gonzalez, Northeastern University
Alyssa Orlando, Clark University
Maureen Ruiz-Sundstrom, Claremont McKenna College

Room 101 - Empowering Small Teams with Deliver Designer
  8.1 MB Download Slides
Dominic Abogado, University of Toronto
Steffen Reinhart, University of Toronto

Room 104 - Integration Insights: When One is Better Than Three
  253.9 MB Download Slides
Noah Porter, Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania Domenick Rozzi, RHB

Room 205 - Xtreme Portaling: Leveraging Slate Features with Single-Sourced Data
  188 MB Download Slides
Meg Quirk, Loyola University Chicago
Nick Migacz, Loyola University Chicago

Room 207 - Breaking the Mold: How Consultant Partnerships Can Expand Slate's Reach Outside Higher Ed
  4.7 MB Download Slides
Tristan Deveney, FGI Consultants
Samantha Goldfarb, Girls Who Invest

Room 209 - Moving with Slate: Unpacking a New Database and Making Sense of a New Process
  28.9 MB Download Slides
Amanda Cole, Trine University Emily Myers, Post-Captain Consulting


Concurrent Sessions 2:00pm–3:00pm

Karl Dean Ballroom - Power to the Portal: Optimizing Your User Experience, Time, and Resources with Portals
  217 MB Download Slides
Emily Toops, Stevenson School
Allen Tang, Stevenson School

Davidson ABC - Fantastic Voyage(r)
  80.1 MB Download Slides
Mara Marzocchi, Suffolk University
Mallory Cotter, Florida State University

Room 101 - Leaning into Configurable Joins
  8.2 MB Download Slides
Adam Gross, Washington and Lee University
Alisa Loughlin, Washington and Lee University
Elodie Hardt, University of Richmond
Tom Nicholas, University of Richmond

Room 104 - Unleashing the Power of Datasets
  7.6 MB Download Slides
Chris Browning, Human Capital Research Corporation
Cheri McEntee, Syracuse University
Daniel Perkins, University of Kansas

Room 205 - Change Management: Designing for What You Want vs What You Have
  1 MB Download Slides
Keith McCants, Queens University of Charlotte

Room 207 - Putting Things Together: Building a Student's Success Dashboard
  5.8 MB Download Slides
Benjamin Costello, Ithaca College

Room 209 - Visualizing Financial Aid
  46.5 MB Download Slides
Karen Ozaeta, The Cooper Union
Scott Larner, The Cooper Union
Peter Emerick, Post-Captain Consulting


Concurrent Sessions 3:15pm–4:15pm

Karl Dean Ballroom - Managing Your Database Today to Make it Magical Tomorrow
  24.4 MB Download Slides
Lacie Nolin, University of Alabama
Amy Hutton, Univeristy of Alabama Alba Alvarez, Radford University
Erin Gore, RHB
John Michael Cuccia, RHB

Davidson ABC - Don't Get Ghosted: Designing and Implementing an Enrollment Prediction Model
  14.8 MB Download Slides
Andrew LaVenia, Columbia University School of Professional Studies
Marialejandra Chuy Silva, Columbia University School of Professional Studies Michelle Vakman, Columbia University School of Professional Studies
David Dysart, Pitzer College

Room 101 - Workflow-palooza: Application Review, Scholarship Management, & More
  9.2 MB Download Slides
Kelsey Bradshaw Carroll, University of Southern California
Chelsey Kaufman, University of Southern California
Ryan Motevalli-Oliner, Kenyon College

Room 104 - We Need Access!
  61.9 MB Download Slides
Erica Matt, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Room 205 - 5 Keys to Success for Advancement Implementations
  20 MB Download Slides
Gina Mandros, Illinois Wesleyan University Advancement
Amy Lampi, BWF

Room 207 - Unlocking Student Success, Retention & Cost Savings in Higher Ed
  20 MB Download Slides
Stephanie Cunagin, Eastern Kentucky University
Tiffany Hampton, Eastern Kentucky University

Room 209 - Part-Time Faculty, Full-Time Challenges: A Slate Solution for Streamlining Faculty Appointments
  12.1 MB Download Slides
Lindsay Hayward, Boston College, Woods College of Advancing Studies
Chris Holsten, Boston College, Woods College of Advancing Studies


Concurrent Sessions 4:30pm–5:30pm

Karl Dean Ballroom - Communicating with Students from Start to Finish
  21.1 MB Download Slides
Megan Brady, Boise State University
Erin Taylor, Boise State University
Carrie Pratt, The University of Vermont
Lauren Krueger, The University of Vermont

Davidson ABC - A One-Stop-Shop Faculty Portal for Graduate/Professional Schools: Tracking Prerequisites, Interviews, Retention Efforts and More!
  38 MB Download Slides
Erin Michel, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Steven Vasquez, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Brian Regan, Strata Information Group
Kathryn Lucas, Strata Information Group

Room 101 - Maximizing Resources from Prospect to Orientation
  2.3 MB Download Slides
Sara Jane Musk, Bellarmine University
Sarah Hayes, University of Cincinnati

Room 104 - Maximizing Efficiencies for Improved Scholarship Management
  5 MB Download Slides
Ally Landis, The University of Tulsa
Jordan Hodges, Lipscomb University
Teresa Erker Bont, The University of Tulsa

Room 205 - Building Innovative Tools by the Average Complexity Administrator
  31.8 MB Download Slides
Quinn Phillips, Albion College
Ashlin Tabiadon, Albion College

Room 207 - Create Efficiencies: CJs and Communications
  15.3 MB Download Slides
David Daniel, Yale School of Management, MBA for Executives
Jessica Greene, University of West Florida
Melissa Puckett, University of West Florida

Room 209 - From Application Cloning to Custom Copying: How to Build and Automate Your Process
  12.7 MB Download Slides
Michael Bendorf, Illinois College
Trevor Kingsley, Washington State University


Friday, June 2, 2023

Concurrent Sessions 8:45am–9:45am

Karl Dean Ballroom - Dr. Change in the Slateiverse
  12 MB Download Slides
Ian Crovisier, New York University
Jasmine Solomon, New York University
Seth Filkins, The University of Georgia

Davidson ABC - (Reader) You're Still the One: Using Reader and Workflows to Manage Admissions and Student Success
  27.9 MB Download Slides
Stacy Scarfutti Rusak, Duke University
Elizabeth Spark, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Elaina Mullins, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Room 101 - Configurable Joins: Back to the Future- From the Basics to Building User Portals
  14.7 MB Download Slides
Vinnie Rodriguez, Dynamic Campus Inc.
Cory Tardie, Clarkson University

Room 104 - Search Stories: Two Campuses Running Search In-House
  27.5 MB Download Slides
Martin Perrine, Baylor University
Dan Derflinger, Purdue University
Erik Johnson, College Board

Room 205 - Managing High School Dual Enrollment Approvals
  9.7 MB Download Slides
Stormy Mascitelli, Central Carolina Community College
Dixie McNally, Ferrilli

Room 207 - Lazy Genius Your Instance: How to Be a Genius About Things That Matter and Lazy About Things That Don't
  9.7 MB Download Slides
Annie Lehwald, Rockhurst University Advancement

Room 209 - The Majors and the Minors: Planning for and Executing Major Gift Strategies and Increasing Annual Fund Through Small Donations
  1.5 MB Download Slides
Brianne Berogan, Augustana College Advancement


Concurrent Sessions 10:00am–11:00am

Karl Dean Ballroom - Query Me This! Configurable Joins Overview, Tips, Tricks and Processes for Everyone from Novice to Master
  10.5 MB Download Slides
Chuck Wilson, University of Chicago

Davidson ABC - A Practical Guide for Admissions Professionals: Integrating Liaison CAS with Slate
  9.3 MB Download Slides
Margarita Clarke, UMass Chan Medical School
Laura Sturgill, West Chester University
Elizabeth Storrs, Tufts University
Helen Williams, Tufts University

Room 101 - Making Accessibility Accessible
  6.2 MB Download Slides
Johnnie Johnson, Washington College
Melissa Layton, Carnegie, powered by Underscore
Nick Porcella, Carnegie, powered by Underscore

Room 104 - Powering Direct Admissions
  9.4 MB Download Slides
Greg Bowdler, The University of Tampa
Emily Smith, Collegevine

Room 205 - Phonathons and Engagement Centers
  31.8 MB Download Slides
Lindsey Kramer, Truman State University Advancement
Andrew Cappuzzello, Kent State University Advancement

Room 207 - Strategies for Effectively Tracking and Serving Students
  5.6 MB Download Slides
Jolene Monson, RHB
Patty Stanfield, University of Colorado Boulder

Room 209 - Slate-Hosted Hosts
  31.1 MB Download Slides
Bree Purtell, enrollmentFUEL
Addison Poteet, Columbus College of Art & Design
Katie Jordan, enrollmentFUEL


Concurrent Sessions 11:15am–12:15pm

Karl Dean Ballroom - "Bats" Slate Crazy: Life in a Shared Instance
  21.5 MB Download Slides
Justin Harville, Transylvania University
Jessica K. Nealey, Transylvania University

Davidson ABC - Marketing and Recruitment in a Decentralized Environment
  19.8 MB Download Slides
Mary Ann Rotert, University of Missouri
Nichole Clark, University of Missouri
Steffen Reinhart, University of Toronto
Dominic Abogado, University of Toronto

Room 101 - Closing the Loop: Preventing Data Errors from Proliferating
  10.4 MB Download Slides
Ceniya Palmer-Baumann, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Dan Moran, Solidan
Holger Dippel, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Room 104 - Show and Share Student Success
  1000 MB Download Slides
David Mariott, Oklahoma State University
Betsey Weaver, Oklahoma State University
Jon Cherry, Miami University of Ohio

Room 205 - Athletic Recruiting: Connecting Admissions and Athletics
  23.3 MB Download Slides
Kate Kana, Maine Maritime Academy
Morgan Ryba, University of Dallas
Ben Pickrell, ARI Athletics
Luke Lechner, ARI Athletics

Room 207 - If It Ain't Broke, You Can Still Fix It! Utilizing the Workflow Editor to Enhance Existing Processes
  6.9 MB Download Slides
Jackie Hall, Bard Academy, Bard College at Simon's Rock
Ryan Simpson, Carnegie, powered by Underscore
Rocco Porcellio, Carnegie, powered by Underscore
Justin Pierce, Carnegie, powered by Underscore

Room 209 - Streamlining the Application: Why Colleges Can't Afford to Ignore
  68 MB Download Slides
Joe Johnson, Lawrence University

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