Slate Mobile
  • 07 May 2024
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Slate Mobile

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The Slate Mobile app (available in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store) is not required to use Slate but provides additional device enhancements for staff, including barcode scanning for event check-ins.

Logging into the Slate Mobile App

1. After downloading the Slate Mobile app to an Apple or Android device, the application will prompt the user for a host name. The host name will be the URL of the particular Slate database. For example:


2. Once the host name is entered and saved, the app will then prompt the user to log in with the appropriate credentials.



The Slate Mobile app provides streamlined folder and menu navigation. 

  • When viewing a specific Slate tool in the mobile app such as Deliver or Events, clicking on the three dots in the top right corner will pull up a menu view of all folders, which can be shown or hidden.

  • Clicking on the Slate icon in the top left will open a navigation menu with Slate tools, the option to open the Database admin tool, as well as a list of most recently used tools. 

Inbox Mobile

Inbox functionality is available on users' mobile devices, allowing for the capability to instantly respond to emails and text messages on the go and in real time. Users can also create new Inbox Groups, add snippets, resolve messages, assign messages to student records, or manually re-route the message to another group or user right from their mobile phone. 

Users may access the Inbox tool from the Slate mobile app via the mobile homepage or the left-hand navigation menu. 

Push Notifications

Announcements and notifications from Slate can be pushed to mobile users. For example, a notification can be sent when a new Inbox message is received. This allows for an increased response time for messages accessed through the Inbox tool via the Slate mobile app. 

When opening the Slate mobile app, make sure to select "Allow" when asked to enable push notifications. Push notifications can also be enabled in the notification settings of a mobile phone. 

For more information about enabling push notifications for desktop and mobile devices please review the Push Notifications documentation.

Using Share Screen Mobile for Events

From a mobile device, attendees will be able to access a live webinar and view the Share Screen, video and audio, presentation slides, as well as participate in chat functionality including live polling. Scroll down on the screen to access different elements of the online event. 


To test how the Share Screen will appear on different types of mobile devices, open up the Screen Share URL in a Chrome browser window. Go to Settings, click More Tools, and then Developer Tools. Select the Toggle Device Toolbar (Ctrl+Shift+M) to switch to a mobile responsive view. From there, the Share Screen experience can be previewed on different device types, as well as in landscape and portrait mode.

Share Mobile Interviews

Slate's Share capability allows for interviews to take place on mobile devices, recording the conversation and adding it to the person record. 

  • To set up a Share interview, review the instructions listed in the Online Interviews documentation.

  • Open Scheduler from the Slate Mobile app, navigate to the interview, and click "Connect."

  • When the interviewee logs into the webinar using the "Access Webinar" link provided in the event communication, a browser window will open with a countdown until the interview begins.

  • Once the interview time has arrived, the interviewee will click the Connect button at the bottom of the screen. They will need to allow access to the microphone and camera.

  • On the Setup Devices screen, the interviewee will select the audio input and video input (likely front or back camera if using a mobile phone) and click Connect.

  • The interviewer will also click Connect when ready to start the interview and share his or her image and audio.

  • There is the ability to record the conversation, and add the conversation to the person record to reference after the interview is over. 

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