Slate Voice Overview
  • 03 Apr 2024
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Slate Voice Overview

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Article Summary

Phone call from Slate

A fully-integrated telecommunications platform is a native component of Slate and does not require integration with any third-party platform or custom interactions.

You can:

  • Associate existing SMS/Voice numbers

  • Purchase new numbers

  • Place calls directly from a record, call list, or anywhere a phone number is available

  • Query on Voice Data

  • Record and download conversations*

There is no limit to the number of calls your institution can make. 


Google Chrome is the preferred browser for using Slate Voice (and all other things Slate).


  1. Purchase Credits - Credits can be purchased anytime and used for even more communication methods beyond texting. Current service rates, which are subject to change:
    Rates are shown in USD. $0.01 = 1 Credit

    Message Type

    United States


    Voice (inbound)



    Voice (outbound)



  2. Provision Sender Number(s) - You can make outbound calls directly from the Slate interface by provisioning a new phone number or associating an existing one with Slate Voice.  The first number is included in your database. Additional numbers are available at the cost of $1 per month (billed as 100 credits per month) for each additional number.


Accessible from Inbox, Switchboard provides a live overview of all active calls taking place within our organization.

  • Observe ongoing conversations

  • Provide audio feedback to agents via one-way "whisper" functionality

  • Take control of the call outright

A list of all recent calls are also listed here.

Switchboard with a call in progress


Slate Voice data can be accessed through the Message query base. To filter all the messages to display only the method of Voice, use the "Method" filter:

Querying on incoming Slate Voice calls

Outgoing Slate Voice calls are considered to be "Ad Hoc" messages. You can filter for these explicitly using the "Type" filter:

Querying on outgoing Slate Voice calls

🔔 Important!

Laws and regulations regarding the recording of telephone conversations can vary by region. Comply with all regulations, and always request permission from the person called before recording the conversation.


🏔️ Summit 2023 Feature

Slate Voice can record and transcribe messages from missed inbound calls. Activate Slate Voicemail on any Deliver Configuration account set to SMS/Voice.

You can use the standard greeting, or record your own. When you miss a call on an account with Slate Voicemail active, a voicemail appears in the inbox for the role or user assigned to the phone number alongside other inbound communications.

Voicemail messages will be organized into a conversation view with text messages, and can responded to by SMS or Slate Voice.

📖 Further reading

Learn more about Slate Voicemail.


Slate Voice integrates with the Slate Mobile App, providing inbound and outbound calling with native Apple CallKit integration. This enables the logging of Slate Voice Calls to Phone Call Logs and utilizes the native UI for inbound calls. 

Slate Voice users can switch to other apps while the call is in progress.

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