Staff Assignment Rule
  • 20 Nov 2023
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Staff Assignment Rule

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Article Summary

Use ordered index cards and staff assignment definitions to write the assignment rules in Slate. Start with the #1 index card and work through your stack.

Create the Rules

The Staff Assigned field is included in Slate when an instance is provisioned.

If your instance does not have the Staff Assigned field already included, the Staff Assigned field will need to be created.

  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Rules Editor.

  2. Click New Rule

  3. Enter the following User configurations in the popup window:

    • Name - Give the rule a name that will clearly define what that rule is doing. For example, in this example the rule is assigning specific CEEBs for staff member Smith. The next rule would be called School Specific CEEBs - Jones.

    • Base - Select the Prospects population to assign staff members to all records in Slate.

    • Type - Select Field as the Type.

    • Trigger - Select Upon Update (Deferred)

    • Folder - Create a folder called Staff Assignment and save all staff assignment rules in this folder.

    • Exclusivity Group - Important: Make a new Exclusivity group (Use an Exclusivity Group to tell Slate to run the rules in that group based on the priority number order. Within an exclusivity group, Slate will run a rule with the lowest priority number first and then move to the next sequential priority number).

    • Non-deterministic - Select Rule is deterministic and has an exclusive priority.

    • Priority - Give the first rule a Priority of 10.

    • Status - Set the Status to Preview.

Configure the appropriate filters:

  • Define the population this rule should impact.
    For  example #1 staff assignment rule (School Specific CEEBs - Smith), select the following filter and action:

    School # 1 Code IN LIST 060865, 335225

Configure the appropriate action:

  • Field - Select Staff Assigned

  • Action - Replace Values

  • Prompt - Select the appropriate User

Every index card should have one rule per impacted staff member. Staff assignment rules should look like this in the Rules Editor:


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