Tap to Pay with Payment Terminal
  • 10 Apr 2024
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Tap to Pay with Payment Terminal

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Article Summary

With the Payment Terminal feature in the Slate mobile app, you can accept contactless payments on your mobile device without having to use extra terminals or hardware. You can accept payments from contactless credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, and smartphones with other digital wallets.

🔑 Required Permissions

Payment Terminal

📝 Note

Tap to Pay is only available when using Slate Payments.

Collecting Payments

  1. Sign into your Slate database using the Slate mobile app. On the app's Mobile Homepage, a Payment Terminal icon appears for users who have the Payment Terminal permission.

  2. Tap the Payment Terminal icon. The available payment accounts page appear.

  3. Select the desired Payment Account item and tap the Connect Tap to Pay on iPhone button when it appears. A blank payment entry page appears.

  4. Enter the desired payment amount in the Amount field.

  5. Enter any relevant information for the payment in the Memo field.

  6. If desired, you can associate the payment with a person record with the Assigned Record field. This field uses a a standard autosuggest to look up records. You can also tap the QR code icon to open your device's camera for scanning an event or person QR code to tie the payment back to that individual.

    Best Practice

    Associating a payment to a record is encouraged but is not required. We strongly recommend linking to a person record or entering enough information in the Memo field to associate with an individual person record after the fact.

  7. With the desired information completed on the payment form, tap Collect Payment. A payment collection screen appears.

  8. The payment screen shows the payment amount and indicates where to hold the NFC enabled card or device. Once the payment has been successfully captured, your device displays a checkmark and the transaction is complete. Your app automatically returns to the Payment Terminal page to process the next payment.

Initial Setup

The first user from your database to select the Connect Tap to Pay on iPhone button in the Slate app is prompted to accept the general terms for Apple's Tap to Pay on iPhone. This user will also receive an email from Apple welcoming them to Tap to Pay on iPhone. All subsequent users will not see or nor will they need to accept these terms. An Administrator should be the first to activate Tap to Pay on iPhone and accept the terms. 

Viewing Payment Terminal Transactions

Payment Terminal transactions will appear in the Payment History section of the database just like all other Slate Payments transactions. Clicking a payment opens a payment detail popup to show the individual transaction detail, including the memo. 

If the transaction is not associated with a person, the Name column is blank. Clicking the row with the blank name enables you to view the memo associated with the payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices will work with Tap to Pay on iPhone?

Tap to Pay on iPhone requires iPhone XS or later.

Will this work on my iPad using the Slate mobile app?

No. Tap to Pay on iPhone requires an iPhone to operate.

What is the fee structure?

The fee for using Tap to Pay in our Payment Terminal is the same for all Slate Payments. For details regarding Slate Payments (including fees), please refer to the Slate Payments Financial FAQ article in our Knowledge Base.

Is this method of payment collection PCI compliant? Does my phone enter the scope?

This form of payment processing is designed to protect the payer's personal information. This service doesn't collect transaction information that can be tied back to the payer. This service is PCI compliant and a user's phone does not enter the scope. 

Can I accept recurring payments using the Payment Terminal?

Not at this time, although this may be possible in the future. 

Will the payer receive an email receipt?

If the payment is connected to a person record with a valid email, they will receive the standard Slate Payment communications.

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