Troubleshooting Payment Issues
  • 15 Nov 2023
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Troubleshooting Payment Issues

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Article Summary

We'll describe a few specific scenarios that sometimes come up regarding the collection of payments through Slate.

Please feel free to submit a service desk request for issues related to payments, after you have reviewed the documentation. We have two categories for payment issues:

  • Payment Fee Automation: should be used for issues related to payment activity rules, payment amount calculation, waivers, etc. These questions will be directed to experts on the Rules Editor and on activities. In general, questions about charging fees should go here.

  • Payment Integration: should be used for issues related to integration with outside payment processors, as well as the setup of Slate Payments. These questions will be directed to experts on application configuration and payment integration setup. In general, questions about collecting the actual money should go here.

I'm seeing a message saying "No option is currently configured to accept this particular payment type" when I go to a payment page

This message means that no integration was set up for the particular combination of application configuration (e.g. round/period) and payment account you are using. For example, perhaps the payment integration is set up for most applications, but you tested with an application in a special round. Perhaps the payment integration is set up for applications, but you tested using a person-scoped payment interaction.

I'm using the form payment widget, but my users still owe money after making their payment

The form payment widget will add a Payment Due activity/interaction when used. Therefore, you do not also need to have any Payment Due rules. Check to make sure that you don't have both the widget and a rule active at the same time.

We're receiving many reports of payments being declined

  • If you are using our built-in Slate Payments product, then you can see additional data about why the payment was declined by opening the Transaction Details on the payment history.

  • Look for the section marked "Outcome":

  • For other payment processors, you'll need to contact the processor to ask about declines. Do make sure that, if you're trying to accept payments in production, all configuration is set to production mode. One possibility for declined payments is the use of real credit cards when in test mode.

For an external processor, I'm seeing payments listed (or receiving reports from applicants that they have paid) but payments aren't showing in Slate

With external processors, the update of Slate after a payment depends on 1) an ID that we pass to the processor when the transaction begins, and 2) a notification sent to us from the processor when the payment completes (which contains that original ID).

If no updates are happening in Slate at all, then it's likely that the notification back to Slate is not set up in your external processor, is misconfigured there, or that your external processor has security in place such that addresses need to be specifically authorized to receive notifications. Contact your external payment processor for assistance.

If only certain payments are not being updated in Slate, you should put in a service request in the Payment Integration category. It's possible that a network or database error occurred at the moment that the update was sent, or that a missing piece of data in the notification caused an error.

Note that, in order for the payment to update in Slate, the payment must originate from Slate. If you have a separate public link into your payment processor that does not go through Slate, payments made through that link will not update a record in Slate (since we weren't able to send in the necessary ID at the beginning).

A payment was made but appears as "pending"

  • When payments are made through our built-in Slate Payments product, and the payment is made from a checking account, there is a delay while the payment is processed. During that time, the payment will appear as "pending. Typically, checking account/ACH payments will complete in approximately 5 business days (i.e. not including weekends or holidays). Infrequently we've seen these payments take one or two additional days.

    If the payment shows as pending after 7 business days, please enter a Service Desk request in the Payment Integration category.

  • Payments made using Flywire follow a similar procedure, though the time period will vary based on the in-country payment method that was selected.

I'd like to see exactly what is being sent to the external payment processor

If you're integrating with an external processor, in many cases we communicate with them by constructing a hidden form which is submitted to their site when we send the applicant over. You can view the contents of that form by using the Chrome inspector.

Impersonate an applicant and go to the payment page using the Chrome browser.

Right-click on the Submit Payment button and choose "Inspect". The Chrome inspector will open and you should see the HTML of the hidden form. You may need to scroll up or down a bit, but you should be able to see the contents of the hidden form we are submitting.

All of the elements that look like are the data items that we are sending to the payment processor. You can check to make sure that none of the values are unexpectedly empty or incorrect, and you may find it useful to send a copy of this form to the processor's support desk when investigating any problems.

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