Troubleshooting Queries
  • 21 Nov 2023
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Troubleshooting Queries

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Article Summary

Exports & Filters

Identify the export/filter in question

Are there other filters/exports in use that affect the output?

Winter Wonder 2021: Deactivate multiple query parts at once!

Turn them all off with a click! Exports, filters, sorts, and joins can now be activated or deactivated in bulk.

Ctrl+click an export to select it and as many others of the same kind as you want, then click the Deactivate icon at the right and confirm.


You can also use Ctrl+Shift+click to highlight every export, filter, sort or join in a sequence.

Check the underlying data

  • Does the data actually exist on the Student Record? Use the Slate ID filter available in the Slate Template Library to identify a specific record you know has the appropriate data to help streamline the troubleshooting process.

  • Do the appropriate export values exist? If you are selecting export values, do the associated prompts all have appropriate export values?

Does the scope of the data match the scope of the filter/export?

Have any of your users recently changed the prompt list, field ID, or field scope? These changes can break existing exports/filters and is noticeable when only some of your records export data but others do not.

Are there any additional restrictions imposed by the query base?

The most common example is a Departmental Applications query base where a user's permissions affect which applications they are able to query.

Slate limits all query rows to 64KB.

If you need a new export/filter, does it exist in the Slate Template Library?

Are there existing exports/filters to accomplish the goal? It may be necessary to add a filter more than once to your query or use several filters to accomplish your goal.

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