Automating the Enrolled Person Status for Student Success
  • 21 Nov 2023
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Automating the Enrolled Person Status for Student Success

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Article Summary

Person Status allows for a high-level classification of a person record. This singular status leverages underlying rules to categorize records based on attributes about the person. It is a mechanism, to sum up qualities about an individual into a single data point that can then be used for efficient querying and reporting. 

Generally, these person statuses are configured to be mutually exclusive - a person can only meet the criteria for one of the statuses. Using exclusivity groups, all records in a given database can be appropriately categorized into one of these statuses. Follow the steps below to create and automate the person status in your institution's database. 

Step 1 - Person Status Prompts

You can create custom person statuses using the "person_status" prompt key. To create the enrolled person status outlined above:

  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Prompts.

  2. Click Insert.

  3. Enter the following configurations in the popup window:

    • Key - person_status

    • Value - Enrolled

  4. Click Save.

Step 2 - Current Student (Set Enrolled) Rule

Create the first rule in the series of person status rules - setting the record as "Enrolled". This rule can be created by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Rules Editor.

  2. Click Insert.

  3. Enter the following configurations in the popup window:

    • Name - Person Status - Enrolled

    • Base - Configurable Joins - Person

    • Type - Person Status

    • Folder - Person Status

    • Exclusivity Group - Person Status (defaulted)

    • Non-deterministic - Rule is deterministic and has an exclusive priority

    • Priority - 5

    • Status - Preview

  4. Click Save.

The next step is to configure the appropriate filters to find records that meet the criteria of being a current student. The following steps are meant to be used as an example. You and your institution should determine these filters so everyone agrees on the criteria to be considered an 'Enrolled' student:

  1. Add a join and subquery filter and configure the settings as follows:

    • Join: Form Responses 

      • Type: Specific form, events, or template

      • Folder: Orientation

      • Form/Event: New Orientation Session 

Select 'Continue' after choosing the event. Click 'Save' to add the Join to your Rule before adding the filter to check for Registration Status. 

  1. Add the Registration Status filter

    • Filter- New Student Orientation Registration Status

    • Status- 'IN' Attended 

  2. Click Save.

  3. In the Action section of the rule, select Enrolled as the Status

  4. Click Save.

Step 3 - Activate the Rules

Once the rules have been created, the final step is to activate them. To set the rules statuses as active:

  1. Navigate to each individual rule and select Edit.

  2. While editing the details of the rule, change the status from "Preview" to Active.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Click Save again on the rule itself. 

Once all the rules are active, we recommend running a retroactive refresh on all of the records within the database. This will trigger the records to be evaluated by all rules, including the newly active Enrolled student rules.

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