Importing Soft Credits
  • 23 Apr 2024
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Importing Soft Credits

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Article Summary

The Soft Credit destinations allow for the creation of soft credits for a specific existing gift.

For example, John Doe's wife Jane has gifts that already exist on her record. It is decided that an institution wants to just create a soft credit for this specific gift via an import. A file can be uploaded that contains identifying information for Jane's record, identifying information for the specific gift on Jane's record, and John's Slate ID.

This destination group also allows for an override amount to be set upon import. Institutions can use one of the three "Matching Only" mappings in order to match onto a gift.

Soft Credit Mapping Destinations


Soft Credit - Gift Slate GUID (matching only)

Match onto the appropriate gift using the gift's Slate GUID.

Soft Credit - Gift Identity (matching only)

Match onto the appropriate gift using the gift's identity.

Soft Credit - Gift External ID (matching only)

Match onto the appropriate gift using the gift's external ID

Soft Credit - Amount Override

If the soft credit should be a partial amount (e.g., John should get credit for only $25 of the $80 gift), you can map this destination to override the soft credit amount. If this is not mapped, then the soft credit amount will match the gift.

Soft Credit - Record Slate ID/Key

This destination allows you to specify the person record (by the Slate ID) or dataset record (by the key) that should receive the soft credit.

Soft Credit - Set External ID

This destination sets the external ID on the soft credit.

Soft Credit Override

Option 1

Create the soft credit and override the amount with an import. This option requires the Slate Reference ID of the record to add the soft credit to your file. 

Map the Slate Reference ID of the record to the Soft Credit – Record Slate ID/key destination

Use the record’s Slate Reference ID instead of the custom unique field

Option 2

Create the soft credits and create another import to update their amounts to the override amount.

  • Map to the record with the Soft Credit

  • Map to the Soft Credit by the Gift GUID, External ID, or Identity using one of the mapping destinations listed below:

    • Gift – Slate GUID (Matching Only)

    • Gift – External ID

    • Gift – Identity (Matching Only)

  • Map to the Gift – Amount

This approach matches to an existing gift on the record. Notice that you use the Gift mapping destinations, not the Soft Credit destinations, to update the gift amount.

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