World Education Services (WES) Integration
  • 28 Nov 2023
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World Education Services (WES) Integration

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Article summary

World Education Services (WES) evaluates degrees and diplomas earned by candidates abroad to determine their U.S. or Canadian equivalencies. WES provides document-by-document evaluations or course-by-course evaluations. You can find more information about WES on their website.

Slate Configurations

WES can push credential evaluation documents for applicants directly into your Slate database to minimize processing steps by your staff. Use the following procedure to configure the integration between Slate and WES.

Credit Evaluation Material Types

All documents imported into Slate must be assigned to a material type. You can use existing material types or create new ones for the WES evaluation reports in the Materials database tool.

World Education Services User Account

WES uses this service account for authentication when pushing documents into Slate.

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and choose Slate Template Library.

  2. Click the hyperlink "refresh the Slate Template Library" at the top of the page.

  3. Add the World Education Services Service Account in the Users section.


World Education Services Source Format

This source format is used to import the documents from WES.

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and choose Source Format Library.

  2. Add the World Education Services (DIP) source format.

  3. Download (link provided at the end of this article) and upload this file to the World Education Services source format. The file contains an index file with only a header row, allowing you to configure the remap settings before receiving a file from WES.
    Note: Upload the zip file as is. Do not extract the file before uploading it.

  4. Once the uploaded file has been processed, configure the remap settings for the source format.
    Note: Many items have been pre-mapped, including the Material Filename and Material Code destinations. While you can customize any other field mappings, the material destinations are required to import the documents, so you should not change these field mappings.

  5. On the Value Mappings page, map the Material Code items to the specific material types that your institution will use for the credential evaluation reports. 
    The document types are: 

    • CXC - Course-by-course evaluation

    • DXD - Document-by-document evaluation

  6. Edit the source format to set the Remap Active flag to Active once you are finished mapping. This will run the import using the settings configured above for all files uploaded on or after the Remap As Of Date.

WES Configurations

WES must configure their systems to send files to your Slate database automatically. To initiate this configuration, please follow the steps on their Integrating With Slate page.

Note: You need to provide WES with the endpoint for your World Education Services source format. This endpoint can be found by selecting the View link under Web Services on the source format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything has been setup, but when WES is trying to send a file, they are receiving a 401 unauthorized error.

The error which is being received by WES is that they are unable to access Slate to deliver the file. This is caused by the World Education Services user account has not yet been added to your Slate database. Under the Slate Configurations section above, follow the instructions to add the World Education Services (WES) user account.  


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